When I say I’m tired people ask why

Why I didn’t go to bed earlier

Or get up later

As if tired only means I need sleep

I’m tired of wrestling my brain to get out of bed

Tired of forcing myself to eat

I’m tired of fighting for sleep

Tired of struggling through every moment of my day

I’m tired of saying sorry because I can’t focus on anyone else

Tired of staple-on smiles that fool everyone but myself

I’m tired of wondering if I’m only tolerated because people don’t want to ditch the guy with issues

Tired of being needy

I’m tired of telling myself to keep going because tomorrow might be better

Tired of drifting through life

I’m tired of sharing my head with the voices who hate me

Tired of feeling nothing

I’m tired of being tired

Tired of feeling broken

I’m tired of living

But I’m scared of dying

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