Trigger Warning: Petplay


The following is not a description of a particular occasion, it draws on my experiences with various people. So … fiction-ish?



I slip in my tail, feeling the reassuring weight of it settle against my body. I wiggle my butt experimentally and the soft tail sways between my legs. I attach my ears and tease the fluffy tips poke up through my hair. Finally the collar, as I pull it tight the world becomes a quieter, simpler space. Worries and anxieties melt away, I stop worrying about how I’m seen, stop thinking about the future. Words, which normally flow freely and thoughtlessly, slow. They become harder, less important, more alien to my mind. I focus more on tone and body language, how people speak rather than what they say.


I see someone I like across the room and walk over to them, I meow for attention. They look up and smile “Hey, are you a cute kitty today?”. Preening, I lean over and rub my head against their shoulder. I feel hands touch me, stroking my head, teasing my hair, scratching my back. Words become even more distant, I pick out “good kitty” and “fluffy”, but the rest are lost in the happy fog of my headspace. Vocalising is nothing but a memory. I am overwhelmed by the sensations, sinking deeper into kittenspace. Unbidden I feel the rumble of a purr begin to resonate through my chest, I hear my partner laugh in response.


I feel fingers lift my chin up and I look into their eyes. “Happy kitty?” they ask. I bite my lip and nod, then lean back in for more attention. I can smell them now, my face pressed against their neck, I nibble affectionately and hear their breath catch. I wriggle with excitement as I feel their hands scratch down my back to my butt. Their hands stroke my tail, teasing the plug at it’s base. I push back against their hands with whimpering meows, needy and desperate for more. The other hand tightens, pulling back my hair and exposing a shoulder. I gasp as their teeth bite down hard, marking me as theirs. I lean back into their arms and feel them pull me in tight. In that moment I know I am loved, I know I an owned, and I know I am theirs to use however they want.

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