Primal Rope

Trigger Warnings: BDSM, Rope, Primal



Sometimes I want to tie gently, to hold you close. Soothe, protect, and care for you as I wrap you in my ropes. But not today.



Sometimes I want it to be careful. Losing ourselves in the rythms of elegant patterns, sharing in the aesthetic and technical beauty of the tie. But not today.



Today I want to devour you. I want to envelop you and overwhelm you. I want to use the rope as an extension of my body, to tease and torture. To caress you and crush you.



I want to tie you hard and fast. Wrap you and restrain you with quick, practiced hands. Pick out the pressure points as I run hands over your body. I want to throw you around and pin you down. I want to feel your body tremble beneath my hands, and your flesh quiver between my teeth. I want to hear your noises of passion and pain. Feel you melt and surrender against my body as I growl in your ear. I want to hurt you and restrain you with wordless physicality




And then I want to hold you and protect you without words. Feel your body curl in close to me as I pick you out of my teeth.



So, shall we tie?

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