Why I Love Flogging

Trigger Warnings: BDSM, Impact Play


One of the things I’m known for in my local kink scene (other than rope and being a massive all round slut xD) is topping for impact play, more specifically flogging. I fucking adore flogging, it is often overlooked as something which is simple and easy to master. While it’s true that it’s relatively simple to get started, there’s so much more you can do with it if you keep writing at it. I will leave technical notes for a later writing, today I’m going to talk a bit about why (for me) flogging is the most beautiful form of impact play.


Primal – This is a large part of my kink identity. for me it involves being very physical in play. I love to feel close and connected to my partner as I top/dominate them. I love to feel flesh beneath my hand and teeth, communicate without words, and feel myself sweat from the effort I put into play. Floggers do this for me more than any form of impact other than my bare hands. In part this may be due to the tools I use, some of my floggers I’ve owned for years and when I hold them they truly feel like a part of my body. Whatever the reason, when I flog someone I feel that physical connection between myself and my partner which I so often crave when I play.


Versatility – In my opinion floggers are the most versatile impact toy. The same flogger can be used for gentle sensation play, a rythmic beating which borders on the sensation of a massage, or to test the limits of masochism. I love that feeling of control, that knowledge that a flick of my wrist can transform the scene and shape my partners experience. Tease their body with a gentle caress or set it alight with burning pain.


Exhibitionism – Watching floggers being used is what first drew me to them. In skilled hands floggers can be beautiful, a symphony of co-ordination and style to rival the elegance of a curling whip. I am an exhibitionist and I love that feeling of putting on a display at the same time as sharing a fantastic experience with my partner. Flashy? Definitely! Especially when Florentine (dual weilding) flogging. But it’s also really fucking fun 😃


Rythm – during a flogging my hands are in constant motion. Following and shifting between patterns with a thoughtless fluidity born from years of practice. In the rest of my life I’m a terrible fidget, so it feels good to have something to keep my hands occupied while I focus on the experience of my partner.


I hope y’all enjoyed me massively nerding out about kink stuff 😊


Please note that this is about my experiences and my feelings about this subject.

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