The Fetish Song

One of the things vanilla people (those not involved or interested in kink) struggles to understand about BDSM is the breadth of what can be included under that banner. So I decided to write a cover of The Elements Song to provide a light hearted introduction.


Trigger Warning: Mentioning a hell of a lot of different kinks

There’s biting, scratching, wrestling, poking

And punching  and slapping and pinching and choking,

And spanking, flogging, caning, whipping

And nipple play, ass play, kitten play, breath play,


There’s power exchange, bondage, shibari, collaring,

And exhibitionism and voyeurism and sadism and masochism,

And CBT, CNC, gangbangs and bruising,

And humiliation, degradation, shaming and slaving.


There’s fixations oral, anal, and genital,

Lingerie, hair pulling, trampling, teasing,

There’s domination, submission and topping and bottoming,

And cock worship, smothering, cum play, and pissing.


There’s fingering and fisting and denial and edging,

And wax play, electroplay, sensation play and gagging,

And interrogation, role playing, affection, punning,

And knife play and marking and fear play and cuddling

These are the just the ones I enjoy with various lovers

There may be other things which I’ve yet to discover.

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