Thoughts On Daily Blogging

As regular readers already know, I challenged myself to post here every day in January. This post is mostly for my own benefit, a place to gather together my thoughts on the experience.



  • I posted 27 times in January, the missed days were due to taking days off for comedy writing, and one day were I was so ill I couldn’t put together a coherent thought.
  • My views in January were almost double the combined total of the previous 6 months, with a similar increase in Likes and Comments.
  • My subscriber base has almost doubled too.
  • In part this is due to me advertising my site more broadly, but I think the writing has also attracted more attention.



  • I said at the start that the writing would probably be more varied, I wasn’t fucking wrong xD Always an eclectic blog, last month saw a range of erotica, poetry, thought pieces and recipes about kink, feminism, food and mental health. It’s been a roller coaster for me, I suspect it was a little confusing to my readers too xD
  • The key takeaway though is that I can do it. I am able to commit to a project and work on it consistently while still turning out content I can be proud of.
  • Practice has made writing easier for me, I am far more confident in my ability to edit and write quickly and no longer second guess my abilities so often.


Mental health:


So, would I do it again? Maybe?! I certainly couldn’t do it as a long term thing, but I might return to daily blogging again for a month, or even just a week. I found it useful writing practice, it helped me structure my day, and looking back I’m proud of a good number of my posts. It also helped me get past my usual practice of endless procrastination. 🙂

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