Why Kink

A poem about why kink is an important part of my life.


Content Warning: BDSM

Kink is not about whips and chains
It’s not about who inflicts the most pain
Kink isn’t about who has the biggest stick or shiniest toy
Though that’s something that can bring some joy


Kink is not about “sirs” and subs
Or “am I masochistic enough?”s
Kink isn’t a performance or an aesthetic
For that I’m unapologetic


Kink is about connections
About stripping away human restrictions
Seeing each other exquisitely exposed
Sharing vulnerability, hearts no longer closed


It lets me lose myself in another
And find ourselves together
Emerging reforged and renewed
Unlocking emotions normally subdued


The techniques and tools are of little consequence
It’s connecting with my partner I treat with reverence
Sharing sensations so intense
That we transcend our limited existence


Held in a place between the human and divine
Sharing a headspace so sublime
That language struggles
And logic fails


This is as close I get to religion
So hold back your derision
Kink isn’t straightforward or simple
It can be closer to spiritual than sexual


Kink connects me to something greater than myself
Sharing a trust deeper than anything else
Kink can bring cathartic release
Unlock emotional truths and bring me peace


My brain is quiet when I play
It chases anxieties away
So don’t judge my preferences
Kink is special to me

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