What Do You Fear?

What do you fear?

Not the surface level anxieties and irrational phobias
But the deep down holy fuck this ruins my life terror
The fertile soil your other fears are rooted in
The one so raw and fundamental it is buried deep in your subconscious
Finding that fear can bring you pain
But it can bring understanding too

I used to fear failure
And then I failed and it was freeing
It tore down my conception of myself
shifted the ground beneath me
It brought my plans toppling down around me
And now I am building a firmer foundation.
Following a path of self realisation

My fundamental fear is terrible and terrifying
But it is powerful and it is mine
I know my fear
And I know myself

So, what do you fear?


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  1. Failure is my big fear. Right royally fucking something up past all possible rescue. Not just making a mistake, I make plenty of those, but doing something so wrong, I can’t fix it. That’s my fear. Thanks for making me think. There is a power in knowing yourself.

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