Gender Eup-hair-ia

CW: Mild Sexual Content


Over the last 2 years I’ve been growing out my hair, this started as a simple curiosity, but evolved into a way to explore gender expression. During this time I came to terms with being genderfluid and found longer hair to be a way to handle dysphoria and feel more feminine.


A couple of days ago I impulsively shaved half of it off, wanting to try a different look. What I didn’t see coming was how much gender euphoria I felt over the new hairstyle, to me this haircut feels neither traditionally male nor traditionally female. It’s subversive,  defies traditional binaries, and is unapologetically queer. It’s really hard to put into words how amazing it feels for this part of me to feel really right. The best comparison I can think of is then rush of relief you get after taking off an uncomfortable item of clothing that you’ve gotten used to other the course of a day.


Also, after shaving I got into bed with one of my partners, who then kissed my fresh undercut whilst stroking my long hair. I love having my hair played with, and the combination of arousal from the physical sensations, and the psychological aspect of gender euphoria was an amazing rush <3




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  1. There’s something about that mix of long and super short that a sidecut has that just feels SO QUEER and SO GOOD. I felt the same way when I got mine.

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