Celebrating Sexual Diversity


So often sex is treated reductively, as a penis going into a vagina (or the butt). Besides the way this inherently erases queer sexuality (by this definition cis lesbians physically cannot have sex), it overlooks the beautiful diversity of bodies and tastes which shape sexual expression. Not everyone can, or wants to, take part in PIV. Defining and talking about sex in a way that treats PIV as the standard, as what’s normal, can be harmful and limiting.


Sex should be a beautiful, shared experience. The product of communication and mutual desire. A way of connecting with your partner and creating a physically and emotionally fulfilling experience for everyone involved. That is what I aim for when I’m being intimate with a partner.


The way to encourage this, is to increase awareness of diverse sexual practices and reduce the stigma around them. Lets say no to shame, and yes to embracing diversity in sexual preferences and practices


Credit to the awesome Hazel Mead for the poster 🙂



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