The Seven Queer Sins

We talk so much about Queer Pride, but what about the other 6?
That’s not the only deadly sin queer people can commit
I mean Pride’s important, that’s certainly true
But if you think that’s all we have, well let me educate you



Queer Greed is when we fight for that pay bonus
Reserved for straight white men born with a penis
It’s wanting to earn that little bit more
So you don’t have the constant stresses of being poor



Queer Envy is for those who look with jealous eyes
At the genetic family they’ve been denied
Who missed the love and support they deserve
Because their parents thought them a freak or perv



Queer lust’s the one some don’t want to see
You prefer out politics when we aim for respectability
And it might be easier to think of pure, sexless lovers
But some of us are horny fuckers



Queer Sloth for those who need time to stop and rest
Because they ran 5 things last week and have 3 things next
Burnt out from their endless fights
To protect each other and expand queer rights



Queer Gluttony for those with complex pasts
Around disordered eating, with feasts and fasts
The people who’ve known desperate hunger
And can’t forget trauma faced when younger



Queer Wrath for those who’ve had enough
The ones who fight back when things get tough
And this isn’t new, queer wrath ran thick
Through Marsha’s veins when she threw that brick

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