What If Pride Was Silent?

A poem capturing some of my thoughts around Pride. About depoliticisation, and how things could be different.


What if Pride was silent?


What if one year we decided to march without the crescendo?
Because we’re no longer 50 people, screaming to be heard
A march 40,000 queers strong demands attention
And in a world growing ever louder, sometimes silence hits hardest


What if we said no to the loud, camp party?
Commodified, commercialised, packaged up and used to advertise
If we made this a space for the whole community to share
Welcoming the introverts and neurodiverse otherwise pushed to the side


What if Pride was about us coming together?
Without the need to perform or conform to the expectations of others
Because we don’t owe entertainment to anyone
But within our community, we bring solidarity to everyone


Strip away the cheers and shouts
Take the music and dancers
What’s left beneath the glitter and glamour?
A show of strength


And without distraction and diversion
We could look beyond celebration
See the battles yet to fight
Not just those already won


A time to come together
To feel our power
Reflect on our struggle
And remember our fallen


How might that change things?
If it was truly a protest, not a party
A time to think, not to shout
So, what if Pride was silent?

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