Random Acts of Trans Positivity

Being trans is often pretty rough, so I thought I’d share a positive experience I had the other day to balance it out.

To be clear this is not an academic or activist post, neither is it a claim that transphobia is disappearing or not real. I just want to share something to brighten the day of my trans fam ❤️

I was wandering around town when I noticed a little girl (8?) staring at me. This happens pretty regularly, I often present in quite a femme way, but I never pass. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that this tends to attract a lot of attention, rarely positive.

I gave a little wave to try and break the tension, she walked up to me and looked up at me. I mentally prepared myself for the “what are you?” question I get semi-regularly, from both children (irritating but understandable) and adults (who should fucking know better).

Instead she looked at me with the unthinking sincerity children sometimes have and said “I think you look really lovely!”

Flustered I smiled and thanked her for being so nice. I walked away with a smile, my day brightened by such an simply positive interaction.


My outfit when this happened

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