Punched From The Inside

CW: Explicit sexual content, BDSM, Daddy kink, Nudity, Fisting


I’m bent over her knee, buttocks flushed as red as my lace panties. Her hand rubs over the tender flesh, soothing my freshly spanked ass. I squirm as her fingers brush over my anus. Of course she picks up on it, sadists always do …

Her fingers circle back over that spot “Do you want something in your ass little one?

I nod shyly. “Use your words” she teases.

“Yes Daddy”

“Yes what?”

I fight back the rising blush, knowing she gets off on humiliating me like this. “Yes Daddy, I’d like you to finger my ass”

She rolls me onto my back and peels off my panties, rubbing lube onto the rim of my ass and slowly pushes in a solitary, far-too-slender finger. I pout up at her “Don’t tease me!”

Awwww, does the slut want more in them?” A second finger slips in, I moan happily looking up at her beautiful, dominant expression. Her eyes focussed and commanding, lips curved in a filthy smirk, jaw set in determination.

Before long my ass is demanding more “Please can I have more fingers in me?” In response she pulls out entirely, leaving me agonisingly empty. She smiles at my desperate expression and slaps my thigh “On all fours little one”

I roll over and present my ass to her. She spits into it, eliciting a filthy moan as I revel in my own degradation. More lube is added, then three delightfully filling fingers. I rock back and forth, fucking myself on her hand. My cock bounces freely against my belly, painfully stiff and slick with precum.

She checks in, her voice soft and caring “How’re you doing?“. I clench around her hand in response. She pulls out, leaving my ass fluttering and clenching around empty air. “Use your words” each syllable resonant with command.

I’m doing good, please don’t stop Daddy” my voice comes out as a needy whine. Her response comes in the form of more lube, followed by a deep, glorious burn as four fingers fill me. I groan and lean forward, then begin to push back against her fingers. We move together, slowly at first, then faster, fucking me harder and harder. I lose myself in the sensation, moaning and groaning and drooling and begging. Begging for more and less and mercy and brutality.

She pauses for a moment, leaning forward to bring her lips to my ear. I shiver at the delightful intimacy of her breath on my face. My face is buried in a drool covered pillow, muffling my moan as she whispers to me “I have my whole hand in your ass, my little slut“.

The sentence hits me like a sledgehammer, rich with the filthy taboo of fisting, and the sweetness of being claimed as my Daddy’s little slut. My voice choked with arousal, I manage to say “oh fuck” before she whispers to me again.

I know you love me beating you, and when you think about it this is just like punching you from the inside“. I clench involuntarily around her hand, and rock back, I want this, I need this. As I push back I feel the familiar sensation of my ass being stretched. I whimper in fear, and at the sheer overwhelming sensation.

As she murmurs breathless encouragements “So close little one, my knuckles are almost in you“, I push back, and with a final desperate “Daddyyy” I feel the widest part of her hand slip in. I pause, flushed and breathless, cock drooling precum onto the sheet below. I feel filthy, and fuller than I ever have before. Slowly I roll my hips, gasping at the countless nerves being stimulated.

I feel her free hand stroke my ass, and melt a little at the tender reassurance. I feel the delicious words resting on my tongue and let them out “Fist me Daddy”

I am overwhelmed and consumed by what follows. I’m stretched and punished and love every glorious second of it. I am incoherently noisy, a sweaty, drooling, sobbing mess. Finally I can take no more, and slump down onto the bed. I feel her slowly pull out of my well-fucked ass, disappearing for a moment to clean her hand. I flop down bonelessly, exhausted and satiated.

She climbs into bed with me, kissing me on the forehead “I’m so proud of you little one. You took my fist so well” I smile and snuggle into her, feeling loved, supported, and wonderfully used. As I fall asleep in my girlfriend’s arms, my mind drifts from how lucky I am to have her, to how delightfully sore I’m going to be tomorrow …


7 thoughts on “Punched From The Inside

  1. Really well written and totally captures why fisting can be a wonderful experience. Not everyone is as lucky to ever experience it, but this piece reminds me that it should be on everyone’s bucket list.

  2. This sounds like a glorious session! Thank you for sharing it for Wicked Wednesday, and welcome to the meme. I hope to read a lot more of your posts 🙂

    Rebel xox

    PS: I tweet all links, and would like to credit you. Do you have a Twitter handle?

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