HIS – Exhausted

This week I’m sharing poems from the first and last shift in a run of three nights. Closes are physically tiring, there’s a lot of moving crates of equipment and supplies around, as well as deconstructing the kitchen for deep cleaning, and all of this typically comes at the end of an 8-9 hour shift.


As you do several of these shifts in a row you get a build up of aches and pains, after three in a row I’m a wreck the next day.


Tired, aching, sore

A long shift, complaining body

Very sleepy Chris


Third close in three days

With no psychotic meltdown

I’ve earned my day off



3 thoughts on “HIS – Exhausted

  1. Just reading this makes me wanna snuggle ya. Even though I know they’re from a while ago. <3

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