Trans Joy – Fresh Undercut

So, as I’ve talked about before, I love my haircut. This week’s Trans Joy post explores that experience.


The first time I gave myself an undercut I got this wonderful rush of gender euphoria. I felt such relief shaving the side of my head, it felt like this part of me finally matched my gender identity. It just felt right.


Every time I redo my undercut I feel a spark of gender euphoria. There’s something almost religious in the process. The sensation of the razor on my scalp, the fine hairs tumbling onto my chest, the contrast as the side of my head goes from fluffy hair to smooth skin. I see the transformation (shown in the picture below) take place and it feels refreshing, gender affirming, and almost like I’m being reborn in the process.


It might seem like a small, even a silly, thing, I’m aware that it means more to me than anyone else. And quite frankly I don’t give a fuck, it’s a joyous part of my gender presentation and I’m so glad I discovered it.


4 thoughts on “Trans Joy – Fresh Undercut

  1. I’m so glad you’ve discovered something that affirms you in such a joyful way.

  2. I love this, my experience is different, but I can relate to the power of the undercut being hella real. I’m currently growing mine out because it got a bit wonky and out of control, but shaving in my undercut made me feel like my outside reflected how queer I am on the inside. I guess a lot of the time, to a lot of people I look straight presenting and that makes my heart hurt, so anything that affirms my queerness is big for me. So, yeah, not the same, but reading your post and made me super emotional because and undercuts (and hair as a whole) can be a mighty thing and I’m really pleased it has had such positive effects for you x

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