A Sinful Social

CW: Degradation, BDSM, Group Sex, Orgasm Control, Daddy Kink


Some erotica based on sexting with my wonderful boyfriend Quinn, about Eroticon. In interest of not getting kicked out of the venue, this is definitely a fantasy ;P


I smile as ze adjusts the collar, ze look so handsome in hir chinos and the blue checked shirt. I shift my weight, rolling off the armchair I’m sprawled upon and walking up behind hir, picking up the pink tie on the dresser and wrap it round hir neck. I watch hir eyes in the mirror as I form a neat knot with deft practiced hands, sharing this intimate, tender moment.


Then I reach into my pocket and pull out hir collar, black leather and the silvery gleam of a metal ring at the front. I feel hir breath catch and watch hir eyes flutter in surprised arousal “Are you up for this?”


Ze bites hir lip and nods “yes ma’am”


“Good boy” I fasten the collar and clip on the leash. I hook my fingers under hir collar and use it to pull my boyfriend close so we share a searing kiss as we melt into the headspaces. I break the kiss and gently push hir away, smirking as ze pouts at me.


“So, you know how you were saying there were a lot of cute people here that you wanted to flirt with?”


Ze squeaks in surprise “I mean yeahhhh …”


“I want you to get off with … shall we say three of them at the social tonight? I want you to go up to the people you’re crushing on and ask them to do the filthiest, most degrading things rattling around that perverted little mind of yours. But you’re not allowed to cum until I tell you to. And then this evening I want you to tell me what you did with them while I play with you. The filthier it is the more generous I’m likely to be.”


Ze splutters at me, cheeks flushed a hot pink “B-b-b-but … Dadddddyyy”


“I’m sorry, is ‘b-but daddyyy’ your safeword?”


Ze looks down at the floor, blushing even harder “… no”


“Good slut” I kiss hir cheek as I fingerfuck hir mouth, enjoying the contrast between the sweet and the smutty. Then I turn on my heel, enjoying the swoosh of my dress, and tug on the leash “Come on little boy, lets go”


When we get to the social we greet some friends and scope out the room. Ze stay close to me even after I unclipped the leash, tongue tied and anxious. “Do you still want to do this?”


Ze smiles up at me and nod


“Well go on then” and after a moment more of hesitation ze set off, blushing but determined.


Through the evening ze switches between socialising with me and other friends; and completing hir task. As the night goes on ze look more and more dishevelled, hir clothes creased, hir hair mussed, and hir face perpetually red. When we dance, I feel the nervous excitement coursing through hir body, and whisper a mix of encouragement and degrading filth to hir.


When we get back to our room ze kneels just as I taught hir, waiting for me to get ready. I take my time to dress, letting anticipation build as minutes tick by. Ze gasp as I step out of the bathroom, wearing nothing but a sheer black dressing gown, heels, and a flogger draped over my shoulder.


I saunter over to hir, my finger tilts hir head back and I spit into hir obediently open mouth. I moan gently, savouring the shame and arousal chasing each other around hir face, I bite my lip, then decide to indulge myself first, I step over my boyfriend and lower myself onto hir face, my cock leaving smear of precum in hir hair as ze eagerly licks and sucks me. I moan and grind on hir face, feeling the tension we’ve built unwind in the most exquisite ways, ze lets out some obscenely wet, enthusiastic noises and whines needily when I step back.


“If you’ve done well there will be more of that later … now, strip for me” At my command ze stands and strips down, naked but for the collar marking hir as mine.


I circle my little bitch boy, admiring hir gorgeous body, noting the stiff nipples, achingly hard cock, and red marks. “So, how did you get these?” i ask, digging my nails into the marks on hir butt.


Ze squirms delightfully as i do this. I step away and flick out my flogger, watching hir gasp as it leaves a stripe of pain across hir back. “I asked you a question, slut” this time i push command into every syllable.


“Well the first pers-aagh!” another stroke of the flogger “the first person wanted to spank me, he bent me over his lap and -aaargh. and he turned my butt red and sore -unghh. Then he fucked my mouth. And i wanted to be filthy like you told me so i begged and he let me rim him and then -owwww he smeared his cum on my chest.”


The flogger flickers out one last time and i take a moment to admire the pattern it left on hir back. “You’re a little pain slut aren’t you? Did you get off from begging him to use you as a filthy asslicking fucktoy?”


Ze blushes and looks me in the eyes “Yes mistress, i liked it a lot”


I rest my heels against hir chest and push until ze is resting on hir back. I rest my heel against hir cock and gently grind it. “Tell me why you’re so hard little boy” I take my cock in my hand and stroke myself as ze answers. Feeling hir twitch and grind against my shoe as ze watches.


“I told the second person that I wasn’t allowed to cum and they took that as a challenge. They used their fingers and mouth to tease me and edge me. They sucked my cock until i was hard and then spanked it. All while fingering my ass” Hir breath comes in short, ragged bursts, thick with desperate arousal.


I feel myself getting close and kneel over hir. I feel hir start to tongue fuck my ass and stroke myself harder. “I bet that was torment, feeling them edge you and knowing that no matter how much you want to you’re not allowed to cum” my words trail off as i focus on my orgasm. I throw my head back and with a guttural moan i coat my hand in cum. I get off my boyfriends face and lean in for an affectionate kiss, sloppy and unhurried. At the same time i smear cum over his cheeks, grinning at the resulting defiled look.


I get up and sit on our bed, gesturing for hir to sit on my lap. I slip my legs inside of hirs, and used that to spread hir open. I pass hir a Doxy “I want you to hold that against your boyhole while you tell me about the last person, and if you stop talking before the end of the story you won’t be orgasming tonight.”


Ze whimpers but nods, taking the Doxy and holding it in place. My left arm wraps around hir cute belly, holding hir in position, while my right hand holds hir cock.


“The lowest setting” I command, and ze obediently switches on the vibrator.


I watch hir squirm and grind for a moment before squeezing hir cock as a reminder of the task at hand. “Well the last person dragged me off to the bathroom. She told me to kneel down and touch myself as i watched her pee”


“And how did that feel? Higher” ze obediently turns up the speed on the Doxy and moans.


“It felt filthy and degrading and made me so horny”


“Higher” I stroke hir cock harder now


“Hnggggh… And then she used my tie to restrain me so i couldn’t touch her.”




“Hnggggh daddyyy…”


I smirk at the needy whine “Finish the story if you want to finish the orgasm”


“Aah, ok she sat on my face and rode me until my face was soaked by her squirting on me”




“Oh fuck, i felt helpless and used and it was so hot”


“Highest” Ze turns the Doxy up to max and throws hir head back, letting out a desperate moan


“Pleeeeeeeese mistress”


“Not yet” I stroke hir cock relentlessly




“Cum for me boyfriend” I watch as hir body shakes and legs spasm. I kiss hir neck and whisper gentle reassurances, holding hir as ze screams and tenses spectacularly in the throes of hir orgasm. Finally ze flops down bonelessly against me.


I roll over so i’m spooning my boyfriend, holding hir safe in my arms. “I’m so proud of you, I love you boyfriend”


Ze rolls over and sleepily nuzzles my chest “Love you enboifriend”


I kiss hir forehead and hold hir close, and together we drift off to sleep enveloped in one anothers love.


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