The Sharing of M

This might be the filthiest thing I’ve ever written. Partly inspired by me really missing going out and socialising with lots of hot queer people (please don’t organise any gangbangs while social distancing is in place) …


CW: Gangbang, BDSM, Anal, Spanking, Degradation, Bondage, Consensual Non-Consent, Orgasm Control, Cum Fetish, Knifeplay


They were waiting for her, as she locked the door behind her she felt strang hands grasp at her, twisting her arms up behind her back. She gasped at the feeling of sudden vulnerability, struggling against the arms restraining her. The man holding her had big hands and the shoulders of a bull. One of the others walked round in front of her, his hands slap her roughly around the face and she felt a string of drool fall from her open lips. Fingers thrust into her mouth and she blushes, squirming at the feeling of being violated in this way. Leather cuffs were pulled tight on her wrists, restraining her arms behind her back. The man holding her let her go and she staggered around at the sudden sense of freedom, a sadistic chuckle came from the other man.


Are you going to try and run slut?” one of them asked. Their melodic voice sent an involuntary shover down her spine, it promised sensuous delights and utter depravity, the velvety tones leaving no space for dissent. She turned away from Velvet and tried to run past The Giant who’d been holding her earlier, his arms caught her with ease and threw her towards the other man. He caught her and she felt the fingers of one hand tangle in her hair as the other roughly groped her breast. She let out an involuntary moan and he grinned with perverse delight, clearly he’d been the one who laughed earlier.


Let her go” Velvet ordered Chuckles. They sauntered over to her and cupped her cheek “You’re going to be a good fucktoy for us, aren’t you?”. Trembling, M looked into those piercing blue eyes, she bit her bottom lip and nodded. Velvet smirked and pushed their fingers into her wet, obedient mouth. M squeaked, feeling her cheeks flush in humiliation and arousal. Then, in response to the pressure on her tongue from the fingers fucking her mouth, she dropped to her knees. Velvets boots pushed her legs out till she was spread wide open. M looked up at the gorgeous enby towering over her, their thumbs hooked in their jeans, their eyes smouldering as they slowly dragged their trousers down. She got a glimpse of crotchless panties, dark purple lace wrapped around glistening wet lips, before Velvet was sat on her face.


Her eager tongue licked and sucked at the wet cunt covering her face, consumed by their wet musk and enveloped in darkness, encouraged by the hands clenched in her hair. Then she felt her clothes being roughly pulled and ripped, and the thrill of cold steel occasionally brushing her skin as her clothes where torn and cut off of her. M whimpered and struggled against her cuffs, before being reminded of the task at hand with a tug on her hair. Fingers teased her cunt, followed by a familiar chuckle “So wet for us, aren’t you? Such a filthy bitch“. Her desperate whine seemed to be the trigger Velvet needed, as their cunt clenched around M’s tongue. They stayed there from moment, and then lifted their cunt off her face.


Velvet took a breath, then ordered her to “Show us the way to your bedroom slut“. M started to straighten up and felt a heavy boot on her back pushing her down onto all fours. “Crawl” this time the command came in the deep, rumbling tones of The Giant. Feeling the familiar rush of shame M obeyed, crawling through to her bedroom, followed by the three intruders


The Giant pulled her up onto her feet and bent her over the bed. He knelt behind her, his thumbs spreading her cheeks. M squirmed in surprise and delight as she felt his thick, talented tongue begin to flicker over her puckered hole. She settled into the filthy sensation, feeling her body yield to the insistent pressure she jumped as he began to bring down his large hands down on the cheeks while his tongue remained inside her. The combination of anal stimulation and the rush of pain took her to a glorious floaty space, as she relaxed into the familiar sensations.


She was pulled out of that gentle headspace by the familiar chuckle “Having fun slut?” She blushed anew, for a moment she had forgotten the situation she found herself in. While The Giant had been warming her up the other two had opened up her cupboard and found her stash of toys. Chuckles pulled her over “Want to explain these?” M looked away in embarrassment, then gasped. Her head whipped round as Chuckles slapped her around the face. Once. Twice. Three times. The heat from her slapped cheeks sank down, pooling in her cunt. The casual brutality turned her on so much she worried about leaving a mark on the carpet. Chuckles looks down at her with a raised eyebrow, challenging her to defy him again.


M licked her lips “Ummm, that’s lube … A fucking machine … my butt plug … That’s a spider gag … That’s my Doxy, it’s a kind of vibrator-” Velvet’s soft chuckle interrupted her “We know what a Doxy is”


M turned towards her and felt the words dry in her gaping mouth. Velvet had taken the biggest dildo and a length of rope, and was unhurriedly tying a harness on themself. The marbled black and purple cock beautifully matching their black corset and purple panties. They looked so casual as they claimed her own cock to fuck her with. They tapped the bed “On your back with your head over the side“. M obeyed, in this position she knew her throat would open up and take cock deeper than ever before.


She opened her mouth and Velvet pushed a strap-on deep into her. The first few inches slipped in oh so easily, but Velvet pushed on further until M started to choke around her own cock. Velvet pauses for a moment, then pulled back giving her a moment to catch a gasping breath of air. Then they pushed back into get mouth. They fucked her throat, regardless of the desperate spluttering noises M made. Drool flowed freely, coating her face and mingling with the tears starting to run from her eyes. “Mmmm … Good girl, you look so dirty choking on my cock”


While M was occupied, the other two had lined up the fucking machine, and tied the Doxy in place over her clit. She whimpered at the cold sensation, as a copious amount of lube was squirted over her cunt, and the mechanical cock began to push into her. They’d picked a deep, slow, rhythmic setting. She bucked against it, desperate for more sensation. “Do you want the Doxy? Stop drooling on that cock if you do” all three laughed at Chuckles’ cruel joke. She whined desperately, ending in a squeal as they turned up the fucking machine. Faster, harder, wonderfully relentless. Obscenely wet noises filled the room as she slobbered around Velvet’s cock, while the lube squelched around the pistoning cock in her cunt. After a minute of this Velvet pulled out of her mouth entirely, “Do you want the Doxy?”
Pleeeaaaaaaaseee-aaaaangggghhhhhhhhhhh” her pleading turned into a scream as the Doxy was turned on. Her whole body arched up off the bed as she orgasmed spectacularly. She slumped back down , her legs occasionally spasming with the aftershocks. But the machines were utterly without mercy, and the operators were no kinder. Her sensitive flesh continued to be stimulated as Chuckles pulled her head back into position and began feeding his cock into her pliant mouth. After a few minutes he pulled out, replaced immediately by The Giant. She orgasmed with their cocks in her mouth a few times, whimpering as the machines relentlessly stimulated her cunt.


When the fucking machine and Doxy were finally turned off, and the cock was pulled from her mouth, the room was filled with naked people. The five newcomers were a mix of ages, gender presentations, body types, and ethnicities. But they all had one thing in common, they each had a cock of flesh or silicone, and each and every one of them was going to fuck her.


Velvet jumped up on the bed and waved their hands like a conductor, working the room with an effortless confidence. “Thank you all for coming this evening. We are here for one reason and one reason only. This filthy degenerate slut here” they gestured down at M, sprawled out under her boots “needs a lot of cock. These wet, greedy, hungry holes need to be filled. Don’t bother being gentle or waiting your turn. Use the little bitch rough and hard. Treat her like a dirty fucktoy and fill that cunt with your cum.”


And with that they set upon her. The hours that followed blurred together. The guests used her two or three at a time – probing, filling, and stretching every hole with fingers, tongues and cocks. Every inch of her was groped, teased, and tortured. She felt the sublime moment when four bodies moved as one, cocks moving in and out of her cunt, and ass, and mouth in perfect harmony. She was exposed to the brutality of cocks pounding her so brutally she could barely take it, screaming as painful orgasms tore through her body. And over, and over, and over again she felt that moment when someone shuddered and tensed, filling her desperate cunt with more and more cum. And all the while Velvet watched with a lustful glee as M was violated in every way conceivable. Until finally all the guests were finished with her, and M flopped down, used up and weak as a kitten.


After they’d each come inside her in turn, they had quietly gotten dressed again. Now they were shown out with a word of thanks, a gentle hand, or a kiss on the cheek. She overheard chuckles and the giant (or she supposed she could go back to thinking of them as Alex and Dale now) thanking Velvet for including them and setting plans for a double date next weekend. And then the two of them were alone again.


Velvet had thrown on a loose flowing robe to show their guests out of the door, and now it hung open revealing the cock still strapped to their pelvis and the corset clinging to their torso. somehow they looked even hotter partly covered up like this. They positioned themself at her cunt, tender from hours of relentless fucking. Slowly, they pushed into her, whispering “Mmm, you’re so full of cum and lube it’s leaking out around my cock, such a filthy little cum dumpster”. And indeed she could feel the wet stickiness dribbling down her ass as it was pushed out of her cunt by Velvet’s cock.


M moaned at the filthy words, combined with the delicious friction against her sensitised flesh. Slowly Velvet pushed deeper, and began to speed up her thrusts. M’s arms wrapped around their torso, nails clawing to find a grip on the corset. They wrapped their own arms around M, pulling their bodies close together as they fuck. Their lips met in a tender kiss “I love you M” Velvet whispered to her. And M felt herself sobbing as she orgasmed – overwhelmed by love, and lust, and exquisite catharsis. Velvet held her close, laying her back down on the bed and pulling out of her cunt.


They lay together in loving satiation for a moment, then Velvet rolled over and grabbed a water bottle. “Drink” her voice is softer now, but the note of command is still there. M took the bottle obediently, guzzling down the much needed fluids. Velvet wrapped her in a blanket and kissed her forehead. “I’m so proud of you love, you did so well for me, we can do a proper debrief tomorrow”.


M nuzzled their neck sleepily, as the fucktoy headspace fades she can feel her fatigued body demanding rest “Thank you for organising this”


“No problem love” Velvet checked her watch and smiled at the display, “And hey, happy anniversary“. And the two lovers cuddled close, drifting off to sleep with the satisfaction that they ended their first year together in style.


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