Beautiful Restriction

The week 1 prompt for Tie Me Up Tuesday was to try a leg tie, check out my photo and thoughts!


CW: Bondage, Masochism


Starting with a single column around my big toe, reverse tension wraps with knots pressing into the shin bone create the structure while introducing an element of masochistic delight. Secured by the tension holding it in place on my calf, reinforcing wraps spiral down and finishing with rope crushing my toes together, then linking it back to my shin.


What I love about this tie is that it so reflects my style of rope. It’s chaotic and improvised, I always prefer to rely on my skill (a practical understanding of friction, tension, and anatomy) rather than relying on a planned pattern. If my rope is beautiful, it is beautiful in how it makes me feel, not how it looks.


The right sensation of rope gripping my skin in a firm caress. Knots on my shin and rope crushing my toes brings the pain which takes me to a happy floaty place. And connecting the toe rope to my shin means that straightening my leg is punished with more pain, using the sensation as part of the bondage.



Tie me up Tuesday is a new project for sex bloggers sharing their ropey adventures, click the picture below to see more …


6 thoughts on “Beautiful Restriction

  1. I have to admit I do like a bit of chaotic rope especially if it serves a function to make things a bit more uncomfortable


  2. I’m with you, for me rope needs to be functional not pretty, although rope is always pretty. My partner is far more structured and methodical and likes perfection. I guess opposites do attract!

  3. I wish I could do what you do, just improvising and doing what feels right. That feels so primal to me and is definitely another side of rope I don’t often consider. Feeling before appearance and that actually makes this picture so beautiful. It’s ‘imperfectness’ and wildness looks amazing

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