CW: Sex, Power Exchange

For the first time in a while I’ve written some erotica! An intimate story about power exchange and queer haircuts.

I cast my eyes over my tools and nod to myself, satisfied I have everything I need. “Come here love

My boyfriend walks over with a mischievous glint in hir eye. My eyes roam over hir, drinking hir in. the too tight booty shorts with a visible bulge at the front. Flat chest with gold piercings sparkling at hir nipples. A collar wrapped round hir neck, the black base making the sky blue almost glow with intensity. And the flop of overgrown hair curling down over hir eyes. My precious little trans twink.

“You need a haircut”

Nope, I wanna play!” Hir tongue darts out to mock me.

I stand up and hook my finger into the ring of hir collar “I said, you need a haircut” every syllable thrums with quiet authority.

As always ze blushes at my domme voice, but still pouts and crosses hir arms in defiance.

“Don’t you want to be a good boy for me?” I smirk at hir reaction, knowing how that term pushes hir into a subby headspace.

Ze looks up at me, flushed red and biting hir lip “… yes mistress”

I pull ze up into a passionate kiss, then pull hir down to a kneeling position in front of my chair. In this submissive pose I stroke and tease hir hair, pausing as I do so to brush the sensitive nipple piercings. Ze moans, and when I press my leg against hir crotch I can feel the bulge twitch through the skintight shorts.

I pick up the clippers and turn them on, watching my boyfriend wriggle excitedly at the whirring. Then I remove the first lock of hair and feel the thrill of excitement, knowing there’s no going back. With practiced strokes I make short work of the hair, the unruly mop falling away to form piles around hir knees.

When I’m finished I run my fingers over the prickly stubble still clinging to hir skull. Ze raises hir head and we kiss as my fingers trace patterns over hir skull. I leave hir to stroke the smooth contours of hir shaved head, the occasional giggles bubbling through me with pure joy.

I grab a cloth soaking in a tub of warm water and squirt on some shaving cream. I rub it over hir head, slathering the stubble with foam. I pick up a razor and look at my boyfriends grinning face. “How’re you feeling?”

Ze giggles and blushes, “Really good mistress!”

I smile at the unadulterated hot lighting up hir face. “Good boy! Now I need you to stay very still while I use this too make sure I don’t nick your head”

Ze nods obediently and sits in quiet anticipation. I draw the razor across hir head and sluice it off in the tub of water. A furrow of bare skin exposed amid the white foam. I draw my finger across the newly sensitised skin and smile at the shudder that runs through my boyfriends body. I repeat this over and over again till every inch of hir head is bare of stubble. I take the damp cloth and wipe the remaining foam off of hir.

I lean down and cover hir freshly shaved scalp with kisses. “Good boy, you did so well for me”

Thank you mistress” ze murmurs from the depths of subspace.

I tug hir up from the ground by the collar “Come on, you need a shower”

Ze follows me through to the bathroom, I unbuckle the collar and turn on the showera. I pull down the booty shorts and chuckle as hir dick springs free from the confines. Steam curls up around hir body and ze closes hir eyes, reveling in the feeling of hot water against the freshly shaved skin.

Eyes flutter open with a choked gasp, ze looks down and sees me kneeling naked between hir legs. “I think you deserve a reward for being such a good boy”.

My mouth envelops hir achingly stiff cock. I look hir in the eyes, burning with dominance and lust, as I eagerly suck hir leaking dick. On edge, it doesn’t take long for hir to come close. I listen to the familiar gasps and moans, feel hir thrusting into my mouth, and just before ze cums I slip my well lubed finger into hir tight little ass. I feel hir tense and buck against me, and taste the warm cum spilling on my tongue.

Resisting the urge to swallow I straighten up and kiss hir, sharing the cum in an act of romantic obscenity. We cling to each other in the shower and revel in the intimacy and love we share. And for a moment, the worlds troubles fall away.

This has been written as part of three different blogging memes. Kink of the Week is exploring the intimate side of grooming/washing, Beyond Fetchat is a delightful pool of filth, and One Rainbow Apart is a Pride month blogging meme for all your queer content! Click on the pictures to see more posts <3

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  1. Holy fuck this was a hot read. I never really thought of a haircut as a sexy thing before but goddammit this now has me aroused as hell about the idea!

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