Queering Attraction

CW: Discussion of Bodies

For my final Pride Month post I’ve written some poetry about beauty standards and queering attraction.

Fuck sleek hourglass silhouettes
Or a flawless face

I want squishy bellies and stretch marks
Big boobs, small boobs, one of each

Thick thighs and epic ass
Rough hands rubbing scarred skin

Body hair and pimpled skin
Crooked teeth in a warm smile

Scruffy hair, chaotic curls
Undercuts and bare scalps

Small dicks, girl dicks
Fat pussies and boyholes

I want to kiss back and calves and feet
And show I adore your every single inch

I want the bits we’re told to hate
And people who fuck with those ideals

So,say fuck you to beauty standards
And lets queer attraction

ne Rainbow Apart is a queer blogging meme run throughout June by the wonderful MxNillin, click on the picture to see other posts ❤️💜💙

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