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As well as blogging on this site, I also occasionally host guest bloggers. The most common way I do this is through my Trans Joy blogging series. If you’re trans and interested in writing about the positive side of your experience check out the submission guide here, for each accepted post I can pay £10.

I also write for other blogs and websites, on topics around queer erotica, inclusive performance, and trans bodies. If you’re interested in me writing for you please get in touch to discuss my rates, you can email quenbyhar@gmail.com with the subject line “Write With Me”. My publication history can be found below:

  • More than a punchline (2019): Guest post exploring what it’s like to be a queer comedian.
  • Trans Joy Zine (2020): A collection of writing reflecting on the positive side of trans experience.
  • What Cats Can Teach Us About Consent (2020): Guest post provided a light hearted and accessible look at establishing boundaries and good consent practices.
  • Safe Words Aren’t Magic (2020): Guest post looking at the limitations of safewords within BDSM scenes, and the risks posed by excessive focus on them.
  • Euphoric Erotica (2020): Guest post looking at how erotica can explore trans bodies.
  • I Don’t Care Why I’m Like This (Forthcoming): Guest post critiquing the pathologisation of difference (for example the focus on what causes autism and its treatment as an illness).
  • Trans Verse Vol. 2 (Forthcoming): Poetry anthology reflecting on trans experiences.

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