Yes, I’m a Monster Fucker

CW: Partial Nudity, Tentacles, Erotica

This post is tied in with the launch of my new project MonsterFucker – creating queer, kinky, wearable art. To learn more check out the page, and to commission a pair head to the shop 🙂

Fuck I want this
Long tentacles attached to a perverted mind
Pinning me down
Spreading me open

Supple strength rendering me vulnerable
Helpless and ready to be used
As slick appendages push into me
Stuffing my every slutty hole

I want to love the tentacles
See beauty in the strange and outcast
As others see in me
So yes, I am a monster fucker

To get this pose my partner told me to “stick out your arse like you’re begging me to rail you …”

This post was written as part of three sex blogging memes. Sinful Sunday (by the wonderful Molly Moore), Beyond Fetchat (by LoveisaFetish), and Lingerie is for Everyone (by Violet Fawkes). Click the pictures below to see more!

7 thoughts on “Yes, I’m a Monster Fucker

  1. I love everything happening here! The delightful tentacle poem (which come on, sounds fantastic in itself), the sexy briefs and the wonderful news about your launch!

    You’re killing it!

  2. Congrats on the launch of MonsterFucker! We need all the alt lingerie/etc. brands we can get in this narrow minded world!

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