50 Filthy Haikus


For Smutathon 2020 I challenged myself to write 50 haikus in 12 hours, because hey it seemed like a nice round number … Turns out that 50 haikus is A LOT OF FUCKING HAIKUS. Incredibly I managed to complete this on twitter in just over 11 hours, averaging a haiku every 14 minutes. I’ve copied in the 150 lines of verse below, to serve as a record. I am absolutely fucking exhausted, please head over to the Smutathon donation page to support their fundraising for Endometriosis UK. You can also follow the link at the bottom of the page for more posts!

My Smutathon plan
Is fifty filthy haikus
The adventure begins

Queer cuddle piles
Tangles of limbs and love
Cosy and horny?

An enamel grip
Digs into vulnerable flesh
Such exquisite moans

Naked blushing toy
Bound tight in leather and rope
Squirting on my tongue

Bodies taut with lust
Impatient skin quivers in

Skin prickling with fear
Deep in exquisite roleplay
“HONK!” A pimpled goose!

So wonderfully full
Trying not to ride their dick
Good little cockwarmer

Rainbows blossoming
Such fun to poke, pinch, and punch
The joy of bruises

Drip … Drip … Drip … Splash!
You buck and writhe against me
As wax torments you

Primal, relentless
Fuck with fervent abandon
Sweat dripping freely

Tender and spread open
Burning humiliation
As cum dribbles out

My face obscured
Hidden by a tight black hood
Nothing but fuckholes

My tits are down here
Stop staring at my beard
Check out these enboobs

Arms wrapped round you
Hands pull your hips against mine
Gentle neck kisses

Doxy on your clit
Relentless, brutal power
Wanna make you cry

A rich musky scent
Strong, soft grip and sleek style
Sensuous leather

Vulnerable, exposed
Wet with humiliation
Burning with hot shame

Kneeling at my feet
In collar and nothing else
My good little slut

Waiting, blindfolded
Ears straining, body quivers
Exquisite yearning

A quivering hole
Desperate for my teasing tongue
Listen to those moans

A finger teasing
Tongue swirling, throat massaging
How wet will you get?

A fresh ginger plug
Slipped into my slutty hole
Overwhelmed sobbing

Warm squirts of cum
I rub it into my tits
Wear your fragrant musk

Cane against my cock
Throbbing anticipation
Such delightful fear

Bent over my knee
Butt jiggles beneath my hand
So pretty and pink

Squirm beneath my feet
My boot grinding into you
Want to hurt your junk

Supple leather whip
In graceful, sinuous curves
Hot stripes of sweet pain

Layered sensations
Cocooning me in your ropes
All soft and spacey

Tight, painful restraint
A vulnerable, helpless doll
Use me how you want

A juicy wet cunt
Waiting for me to devour
Soak my beard with squirt

My face as your seat
Smother me with your wet cunt
Make me gasp for air

Hold your pee for me
Want to watch you squirm and beg
Feel you soak my hand

Nails scrape over skin
Leaving red scratch mark trails
What sweet sounds you make

A gleaming steel blade
Threatening such lovely pain
Begging you, mark me!

Bruised, tender skin
Kissed by a warm gentle breeze
Drying sweat and cum

Elegant mascara
A delicate work of art
Ruin it with fucking

Pin me to the wall
Watch me struggle helplessly
Then fuck my brains out

Fierce primal growling
Your clit gripped between my teeth
So tasty and loud

Want to hear you groan
At my superb mid-fuck joke
I guess I’m punsexual?

Post-orgasm kisses
Languid and so very relaxed
You still taste of me

Your warm, eager mouth
Obscene sounds and lust filled eyes
Perfect cocksucker

I adore bellies
Soft, squishy, and sensitive
Wanna kiss them all

I love pubic hair
That soft mop of musky curls
Little cunt cushion

Kiss me. No, harder!
Suck until I squirm and moan
Leave me dark red marks

Want a gentacle
Morphing between clit and cock
My genital goals

They call me a brat!
This sweet, saintly submissive?
Such vicious slander!

Dating in lockdown
An agony of denial
I yearn for your touch

Use a pint of lube
See just how much I can take
Want to ache for you

Sixteen wooden pegs
Yanked off with sadistic glee
Manic giggling ensues

Blood clings to your cunt
Mixed with wetness as we fuck
You’re so fucking hot

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