Sixteen Pegs

CW: BDSM, Sadomasochism

My Sinful Sunday photo shows some of the (very masochistic) fun you can have with clothes pegs! Seeing as I wrote 50 haikus for Smutathon yesterday (one every 14 minutes for 12 hours!), I’m reusing one of those rather than writing a new one xD

Sixteen wooden pegs
Yanked off with sadistic glee
Manic giggles ensue

6 thoughts on “Sixteen Pegs

  1. Oh my gosh, the expression on your face says it all. I have never done a peg zipper, what did it feel like?


    1. Honestly hard to put into words? Painful going on then a lot of fear once it was finished. BIG (but very short) hit of pain when they came off and then manic giggling from the endorphin high.

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