A Bloody Good Time

CW: Period sex, Blood, Sadism, Degradation, Power play, Daddy kink, Objectification, Praise kink, Marking, Orgasm denial, Bondage, Watersports, Breathplay

My first erotica in a while covers trans period sex, and a truly obscene number of kinks. Yes I did pick that title purely to make a terrible pun, deal with it 😛

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Henry’s tits were mauled by Daddy’s strong hands, ze ground hir crotch against their leg, resenting the layers of denim between them. Desperate, lusty moans resonated through mouths locked together in carnal hunger. They pulled apart, Henry’s ragged breaths turned to indignant yelps as Daddy bit down on hir nipple. Fingers stroked down hir back as Daddy smiled up at him in shameless adoration. “Such a handsome boyfriend I have. What a pretty little toy for me to play with.” Their smile twisted into a grin as Henry’s blush deepened at these words, carefully crafted to hit half a dozen of hir kinks at once.

Daddy’s hands slipped down towards hir butt, groping and roughly squeezing it in a casual display of brutal strength. The hands moved to unbutton hir jeans and slip into the waistband. Reluctantly Henry pulled back, gripping their hands while ze took a moment to pull together some words. “This is so fucking hot, but I’m on my period …”

They pulled their hands back from hir hips “Do you not want to do this?”

Henry bit hir lip, suddenly flustered “No I want to, I just thought that maybe you wouldn’t …” Hir words dried up at Daddy’s expression.

“Silly little slut. Did you think i wouldn’t want you like this? I mean, I have this handsome, perfectly depraved slut. And you thought I wouldn’t want to fuck you because your junk is bloody? Did you think that would stop me wanting to fuck you in every perverted way we can think of?” Their hands roamed over Henry’s body as they spoke, groping hir squirming body. Now their hand rose up to cup hir cheek. “You’re mine. My precious. Little. Boy.”
Now each sentence was punctuated by a slap to the face, Henry’s face flushed with hot shame. “My filthy. Fucktoy. Faggot.” With the last word ze let out an involuntary gasp. Daddy knew the gut churning, heart pounding, dick twitching response ze had to that word.

“I-I’m sorry Daddy. Please play with my junk. Use me as your …” The rest of hir sentence dissolved into flustered mumbles.

Daddy grinned at hir humiliation, before pushing it home “Use you as my what?” They laughed at Henry’s adorable pout. “You need to be a good boy and use your words!”

Ze buried hir burning face into the crook of their neck and repeated hirself. Each time ze got louder, Daddy pinching hir nipples after each repetition. “I’m your filthy little faggot. Hnghhh. Your filthy little faggot. Ahhhh. Filthy little faggot. AAARGHH. PLEASE FUCK YOUR FILTHY LITTLE FAGGOT.”

Ze whimpered as Daddy released hir tits and pulled hir into a savage kiss. Daddy pulled away, tugging down Henry’s jeans to reveal boxers damp from freebleeding and arousal. Fingers slipped down, trailing through the thick bush and gathering the mingling fluids on their fingers. Ze gasped and bucked hir hips against the delightful pressure.

Slowly Daddy withdrew their fingers and, maintaining smouldering eye contact the whole while, pressed the red digits to their lips. Then they reached over and picked up the trusty Doxy, already condommed and plugged in. Their knee pushed it against Henry’s crotch, and a touch of the controls set the wonderfully familiar rumblings throbbing into hir dick. An exuberant giggle bubbled past hir lips, rolling hir head back in pleasure. “Daddyyyyyy”.

“What is it my pretty little slut?”

More happy giggles, then “You have my blood on your lips, you’re silly Daddy!”

“So you’re feeling left out? Thanks for letting me know!”

“That’s not what I-“

“Shush I’m thinking what to draw on my pretty canvas” ze attempted to maintain an indignant pout in response to this, but soon dissolved into Doxy driven moans and giggles

Daddy pulled Henry’s arms up over hir head as they slipped fingers back into hir boxers. Ze wriggled happily at the feeling of being pinned down and vulnerable like this. Wet fingers traced red letters onto hir exposed chest. Daddy leaned back and grinned. “There you go, now you’re officially my filthy little faggot”

Henry moaned and writhed in visceral response once more. Daddy kissed a trail down hir body, pulling down hir boxers and exposing hir junk. They moaned as they inhaled the heady musk and swallowed hir cock while the Doxy pressed relentlessly at hir junk. Filthy wet noises mingled with the insistent rumble of the Doxy and a symphony of lust-filled moans. Before long ze was bucking desperately into Daddy’s mouth. One long final suck and they pulled away with a slurping pop.

Henry let out a desperate whine “Daddyyyyyyy!!! That’s not fair, I was so close!”

They laughed at the display of desperation “Silly boy, you know Daddy cums first”

Gripping hir hair they pulled hir off the bed, then pushed hir down to hir knees. They took a moment to adjust hir position, spreading legs obscenely wide before tucking the Doxy into hir boxers and turning it up. Finally soft leather cuffs secured hir hands behind hir back. Henry felt exposed and helpless, nothing but a toy for Daddy to use. Hir overstimulated junk clenched in futile hunger, fuelled by both vibration and humiliation.

Satisfied with the position Daddy pulled up their skirt and let their cock spring free. They thrust into their toys obedient hole and moaned at the eager response. Henry’s mouth was filled with hard cock and the salty taste of Daddy’s precum. Ze sucked with feverish enthusiasm, choking and gasping and drooling. Daddy fucked hir mouth with deep, relentless thrusts, reveling in the filthy sounds they created together. With a final grunt Henry felt Daddy fill hir mouth with hot sticky cum. Knowing better than to swallow without permission, ze waited for Daddy to pull out and inspect hir mouth.

Instead Daddy’s foot pressed the Doxy harder against hir junk, fingers pinched hir nose shut, and Daddy ordered hir to “Cum for me little faggot.” It took only moments for the orgasm which had been building for so long to unwind. Henry came with tears running down hir face, gasping for air around Daddy’s cock, with drool and cum spluttering out onto hir cheeks. Legs trembled and spasmed, hips twitching in an ecstasy of overstimulation, until finally ze slumped backwards.

Daddy pulled out of hir mouth and freed hir hands, then picked their boyfriend up and carried hir to bed. They folded Henry into a tender hug and together they held one another through the aftermath of such an intense scene.

After a blissful eternity Henry stirred, softly kissing Daddy on the lips. “This is so lovely but I need to pee”

In response the arms around hir tightened “Ok then”.

Henry blushed “Daddy if I’m going to pee you need to let me go!”

Daddy nuzzled hir hair “Do I? I don’t want to stop cuddling you and we have the fluid proof sheets on.”

Hir mouth opened in shock and ze flushed an embarrassed red “B-b-but, I can’t!”

“Can’t you? Let me help”. Cuddling arms and legs tightened, pinning hir in place. Daddy’s fingers found their way to hir sides and began to tickle mercilessly. Henry squirmed and squealed, helpless beneath the teasing touch.

Finally, helpless and unable to resist anymore, hot pee drenched hir boxers and soaked the bed. “Such a good boy” Daddy whispered in hir ear.

Giggling, Henry rolled around to face them. “I love that we trust one another enough to be this filthy together. I love you so much.”

Daddy leaned in and kissed hir forehead “I adore you, my precious boyfriend”.

Later there would come cleaning, and cooking, and words aplenty. But for now, just knowing that they had one another was enough.

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  1. This is hot AF! I’m pretty dysphoric about my periods and shy away from playing when I’m on but this is enough to tempt me!

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