Jesk’s Discovery

CW: BDSM, Blood, Sex

Jesk is a cute queer vampire, making their first visit to a kink club. Amelia is the charismatic femme who captivates them. Read about their first adventure together below.

Jesk felt nervous as they rapped their knuckles against the wood. Which was ridiculous. They were one of the undying, a hunter in the night, blessed with inhuman powers. They’d fought and fucked and fed for over a century. They were … gently blushing as they waited outside the kink club.

“Come in mate” called out the guy at reception, Jesk crossed the threshold with a grateful smile. They looked over the club rules and signed their name with a flourish.

“Do you have any particular rules around bloodplay?” they asked.

“Errr, practice risk aware consensual kink as always. Keep it to the rooms so bystanders don’t see something they didn’t consent to. Make sure everything’s clean when you leave. Other than that have fun! Changing rooms are on the left”

Jesk followed the directions to the changing room and picked a locker. They stripped off to reveal a body which was (at least in their opinion) fairly unremarkable. A tangle of hair curled around a face framed by a nearly trimmed beard. Small, perky breasts, the comfortable swell of a belly, and the curve of enticing ass. Thick, powerful thighs and a shock of dark hair at the crotch. There were only two things which really stood out about them; a series of heavy scars marking their body, and the eyes. They were quite lovely eyes, a distinctive green sparkling with sharp intelligence. But what set them apart was the way they constantly moved, giving an impression that Jesk might take off at any moment.

After a appreciative glance, they pulled on the leather trousers and flowing shirt they’d picked out for the evening. The loose white fabric on top contrasted with the shiny black leather sculpted to their body. A touch of dark purple lipstick and eyeshadow completed the look.

A throng had already gathered in the social area, looking around at the exotic array of outfits on display Jesk was relieved that they wouldn’t have to worry about blending in here. Vampires weren’t in hiding exactly, but it generally paid not to advertise that you were one in public. A few people looked over, either in curiosity or desire, and Jesk allowed a smile to curve their lips in recognition of that tribute. They scanned the crowd, honestly not sure what they were looking for. For whatever reason vampires traditionally prized innocence in their partners, but they were here to get away from that. Which left them in the novel position of not knowing what they wanted.

They scanned the room, drinking in the bodies clad in delicious variations of latex, leather, and lingerie. Their reverie was interrupted by a rich sensuous laugh, their head whipped around to find a fat brown woman with her head thrown back in laughter. Modestly dressed by the standards of the club, she wore navy jeans and a checked shirt with the sleeves rolled up and the front unbuttoned just enough to show a forest green bra. Thick coils of hair pinned to the side, emerald lips and eyes dressed in shades of green from lime to pine. She was stunning, but that’s not what kept Jesk looking at her. There was something about her that spoke to them, a squirming knot in their gut that they hadn’t felt in years. With a jolt they realised she was speaking to them.

“I said, can I help you?” Her voice was friendly, but with a slight edge of annoyance.

Realising they must have been staring, Jesk blushed for the second time that evening. “I’m sorry, I found your laughter intoxicating and forgot myself for a moment. Perhaps I could buy you a drink as compensation?”

“What a fine gentleman you are! I’ll take a tea.” Her voice was edged with gentle mockery this time, but Jesk felt like they’d passed some kind of test.

They ordered the tea and turned back to her “I mean I’m non-binary so I think that would make me a gentlethem”

It was her turn to look a little flustered “Sorry I shouldn’t have assumed, so you use they/them pronouns?”

“It’s ok, yes I do. I’m Jesk by the way”

“Call me Amelia, my pronouns are she/her.” She took her cup of tea from the barman and had a brief chat with him. Jesk leaned backwards on the bar in an effort not to intrude, until Amelia turned back to them “come sit with me while I drink this?”

Jesk followed her over to the nearby sofa, and watched her inhale the fragrant steam rising from the cup. “So are you new to all this?”

“It’s my first time at a kink club if that’s what you mean”

She nodded as she sipped her tea “And do you know what you’re looking for?”

“I’m looking for a change, to explore different kinds of relationships to what I’ve been in before. As for the intimate details, well that’s something I’d prefer to discuss in private if that’s ok?”

“Of course” The two of them sat and chatted a while longer as she finished her tea. Occasionally a friend or partner would approach her, each greeted with a hug or a kiss. As Jesk watched, they were put in mind of a queen holding court. She sat at the centre of a complex web of relationships, her charisma distorting the social fabric like a weight on a sheet. And as she and Jesk spoke they grew more and more enchanted by her.

Finally she stood and led Jesk to one of the private rooms at the back of the club, closing the door behind her. She sat on the bed and looked up “So then Jesk” a shiver went down their spine as her voice caressed their name. “What did you want to talk to me about?”

Jesk took a deep breath, before raising their lip and allowing fangs to extend “I’m a vampire Amelia. And you … you make me burn with desire, and blush with nerves. I want to feed from you, and hold you, and make you tremble in ecstatic pleasure. You awaken a hunger I haven’t felt in a long time, I want you to be mine”

Amelia sat silently for a moment, digesting this information. When she spoke at last her voice was soft, her breathing deep “Well that’s not what I was expecting Jesk … I have some questions”

“Of course, what do you want to know?”

“Okayyy. Well first of all, how open are you about the vampire thing?”

Jesk blinked in surprise “umm, well don’t go spreading it around. I might choose to tell more people at some point but for now it’s not public knowledge”

She nodded “I’ll keep it to myself then. So … I’m interested in you too. You looking so fucking hot in those tight leather pants and that makeup, and I feel like we have potential. But I don’t see myself subbing for you.”

“What do you mean?”

She stood up and stared deep into their eyes “I mean, that I want to be the one holding you as you lose yourself in sensation. I want to explore every perverted thing I can think of with you. To find out just how much you can take for me. I want to be your mistress, and make you beg to bite me. I want you to be mine.” As Amelia spoke she slowly leaned in and lowered her voice, the last line spoken directly into Jesk’s ear in a husky whisper. She leaned back with a smirk and spoke in a more normal voice once more “What do you think.”

Jesk swallowed, opened their mouth, then shut it when words failed to materialise. Their brain had turned to mush, heat pooled in their cheeks and crotch, and her smirk made them feel like a deer in the headlights. Eventually they gathered their composure enough to say “yeah, yeah I would be up for that”

Amelia sat back down on the bed and gestured for them to join her “is it ok if I hold your hand while we talk?”

“Sure” Jesk shivered as she took their hands and her fingers began to trace delicate patterns over the knuckles

“So what are you interested in, besides my blood?”

“I liked the idea of you being in charge, saying when I get to feed, and touch you, maybe when I orgasm too?”

“Would you be interested in trying some bondage as part of that?”

“I doubt you’ll be able to effectively restrain me but I’d be up for trying”

“That’s fair, it’s more about the power exchange for me. Plus you’d look pretty all tied up for me” she grinned at Jesk’s blush at the last part. “What about pain? I do tend to be a bit sadistic”

Jesk took a while to consider this one “My relationship with pain is … complicated. I’d like to explore that at some point but not to start with?”

“Ok, thanks for telling me, we can come back to that. Is there anywhere you don’t want me touching? Or kissing? Or fucking?”

“No that all sounds good … Great actually. Maybe we could err …” They trailed off, the normally suave vampire as flustered as a teenager with their first crush.

“Do you want to kiss me Jesk?” She looked delighted at their sheepish nod “Oh you are so cute!” She cupped their face in her hand and together they leaned in for a kiss.

It started soft and gentle, lips gently pressed together in tender affection. Slowly they began to relax into it. Then the kiss deepened and deepened until it was a wet, filthy expression of primal lust. Restraint transformed into a desperate carnal hunger, a visceral need for each other. Finally Amelia gently pressed her hand into Jesk’s chest and the two of them parted, bodies trembling in barely restrained desire. She took a few shaky breaths to steady herself before speaking “Let’s finish negotiating and get back to that”

Reluctantly they nodded “What should I call you? During the scene I mean”

“Mistress, or my lady. What about you? Slut, princess, pet?”

“Ohhh … Umm I like that idea but we should come back to that later? For now just Jesk”

“My gorgeous little Jesk.” she grinned hungrily at the answering intake of breath, “Yes, that should work nicely. Ok, so the vampire stuff, presumably you’re not going to turn me?”

“I promise I’ll try my best not to make you any more queer than you already are.” They chuckled to themself, then answered in earnest. “No I couldn’t turn you into a vampire by myself if I tried. And I don’t carry human diseases. I don’t have the right physiology for that.”

“Then how do you make new vampires?”

“Infrequently and privately” Jesk’s tone was jokey, but it had an edge which warned Amelia not to push it.

“And the biting itself? What’s that…” She trailed off, not sure what she was asking.

“I bite into a vein, don’t worry I have a century of practice finding it. I normal take half a pint every week or two. My saliva helps close the wound, there will be a mark but not a big one. To be on the safe side you should have something to eat and drink before and after, but the overall risk is low.”

“And what does it feel like?” Jesk noticed a slight tremor in her voice, all but imperceptible to human ears.

“It’s … indescribable. There’s a little pain, then pleasure. But that connection, one heart pumping blood for both of us … It’s a sacrament you can’t understand until your experience it.”

Jesk realised she was watching them with a kind of fascination “You make it sound like a religion”

They smiled “You have no idea, we tend to travel and don’t die so traditions and mysticism accumulate and interact and end up so tangled up and complex-“ they broke off. “A conversation for another time and place”

“You really don’t die?”

“Not from age, we can be killed or starve, but otherwise we just keep going”

“How old are you?”

“I’m not sure exactly, my village didn’t keep records back then. Around 150 I think. Does that bother you?”

Amelia snorted “Fuck, I thought you were in your 20s!” She took a moment to gather her thoughts “I mean we’re both adults, and have all our faculties … I don’t know. It doesn’t feel wrong?”

“That tends to be my approach, I guess I have a fairly different perspective on age. Are you ok to carry on?”

“Yeah just … I’m 33 and did not expect to be on this side of this conversation again.” She laughed and shook her head. “Ok, aftercare needs?”

“I’m not really sure … I guess stay around and see how I’m doing? What about you?”

“Cuddles to start with, communication and a fresh cup of tea a little after. Does red work as a safeword or will it just make you thirsty”

Jesk smirked at the teasing “Red works fine, if I’m uncomfortable I’ll probably just speak up anyway?”

“Of course, I’ll be checking in on you while we play and take it slow as it’s your first time. Is there anything else you want to ask”

“No, I think that’s everything”

“Good” with that she leaned in and kissed them again. Caught by surprise, Jesk let out a soft moan at the sudden intensity, before leaning into the kiss. Her hand gripped their hair, and she sighed at the little gasp which slipped out in response. As Jesk’s hand began to caress her body she pulled away.

“Put your hands out.” Amelia’s domme voice wasn’t harsh and demanding. She spoke calmly and gently, but her tone carried a resonance which made refusal almost unthinkable.

Jesk obediently presented their wrists, and watched Amelia pull her belt off. Slowly, her eyes locked onto Jesk’s, she slipped out of her jeans and unbuttoned her shirt. She stood for a moment, feeling the tension in the air as Jesk devoured her with their eyes. The elegant green lace of her matched lingerie contrasting with soft brown skin. Heavy breasts which they’d beg to kiss and touch. A big belly to cuddle up against. Fat and curves and an ass they longed to worship. And thighs they could spend hours between.

She stepped forward and held Jesk’s wrists together. “I want you to keep your hands where I put them until I tell you otherwise”

“Yes my lady” their voice was soft and husky with desire.

“Good Jesk”, they squirmed a little at the praise.

Amelia raised the hands up and over till they were tucked behind the head, their elbows pointing up. Impatiently now, she unbuttoned their shirt and slipped a knee between the legs spread open on the bed. Restrained and helpless, Jesk’s fangs extended as intense arousal drenched their boxers.

“Do you want to bite me Jesk? Do you want to feed on my hot red blood and accept that gift?”

“Yes Mistress” their voice was strained now “please let me taste you”

“Mmmm, not yet. I think I’ll play with you first.” Her hands slipped into the open shirt, hands cupping their tits and rolling the hard nipples between finger and thumb. Jesk moaned and arched their back, pushing their chest out in a wordless request. She lowered her head and sucked their nipple into her mouth, humming happily at the squeak it elicited.

She pulled away and a teasing smile twisted her face “You wanted to taste me?” They nodded eagerly. “Here you go then” she giggled at their frustrated moan as she slipped her fingers into their mouth. Teasing, she traced the curve of their fangs, thrilling in the power of touching something with such dangerous potential. She withdrew her fingers and slipped them into her underwear. “Maybe you’d like to taste this instead?”

Jesk let out a soft growl, their nostrils flaring as they smelled the wetness clinging to her fingers. “Please …” It came out as a desperate whine this time.

Amelia smeared the wetness over their top lip. Jesk squirmed, the intoxicating scent filled their nose, infuriatingly out of reach. She leaned in to kiss them again, fingers tracing the puckered scars across their torso.

Then she reached down, undoing the leather trousers and sliding her hand into the boxers. Jesk’s cunt was soaked, and Amelia’s fingers slipped oh so naturally into it. They let out a thick guttural moan as her fingers curled inside them and she ground the palm of her hand against their clit. She thrust into their cunt with quick, practiced motions, and obscenely wet noises filled the room. As she felt Jesk start to buck against her hand, Amelia tilted her head to the side, exposing her neck.

“Do it Jesk, bite me as you cum around my hand.” With snakelike speed they sank their fangs into her neck, a moment later she felt their hips arch up and spasm against her hand.

Amelia felt the pinch of the fangs pushing through her skin, and a corresponding rush of endorphins. As the blood flowed into Jesk she felt the energy thrumming through their body, and sensed the flow of power. She knew what it was like to be them, their senses so sharp and their mind so quick. Their bodies and souls worked in perfect synchrony, and all the while there was that sweet, thrumming, painful ecstasy.

Eventually Jesk pulled away, softly kissing the bite marks. Amelia all but tore off her panties, then she gripped their hair and pushed them down towards her cunt with wordless desire. They buried their face in her crotch, inhaling the thick musk and soaking their beard in her wetness. Fingers fucked deep inside her while they sucked at her clit with fervent desire. Amelia held them in place with an iron grip and cried out. “Oh fuck fuck fuuuuuugghhhhh JESKKKKK”, screaming out their name as she squirted over their fingers.

Jesk felt the fist gripping their hair loosen, then gently pull them upward. Amelia freed their hands, then enveloped them in a tight, comforting hug and kissed them once more, long, languid and relaxed. They held one another as hearts settled into more normal rhythms, and bodies came down from that carnal high. Eventually she stirred “Ready to move back through?”

Jesk nuzzled her neck, then said a reluctant “I suppose so …” While they pulled their trousers back on and rebuttoned the shirt, Amelia used a disinfectant spray to wipe down the bed, then bundled up her clothes.

“Are you not going to get dressed?”

“Nah I thought I’d rock the sexy Winnie the Pooh look.” She smiled at Jesk’s snort of laughter, then took their hand and led them back through to the social area.

She guided them over to a sofa “You sit here, I’m going to get a tea and some biscuits, do you want anything?”

“Just some water please” She gave them as kiss on the cheek, then walked over to the bar. While she waited for their drinks she traced her fingers over her neck, caressing the slightly bumps where Jesk had bitten her. She bit her lip as the sensitive skin brought back memories of that beautiful, surreal experience. When she returned to the sofa Jesk was curled up and waiting for her, she made them sit up and drink some water as she dunk a biscuit in her tea. She wiped a crumb off of her lips and asked “How’re you doing?”

Jesk took a long moment to consider the question before answering “I’m good … feel quite floaty at the moment. Really, really enjoyed everything we did together though. I hope you enjoyed yourself too?”

“Yeah, that was … intense. I feel like we have really good chemistry and I hope we get a chance to play together again”

Her heart melted a little as Jesk curled their body into hers “Yeah, I’d love that. I think we have something special.”

She pulled them into another tight cuddle, feeling their body pressed against hers “Yeah I think so too.”

The rest of the evening was spent right there, cuddling and chatting and drinking together. When at last it came time to leave Amelia held Jesk back for one last lingering kiss. “Message me ok? We’ve got a lot more to talk about”

Having recovered a little of their customary charm, Jesk pressed her hand to their lips before answering “Yes, My Lady.” Blushing only a little at her responding laugh, they kissed goodbye one last time. As the two of them parted ways Jesk’s stomach churned with nervous excitement, even as their body ached with satisfied desire. They had a feeling that this was the start of something wonderful.

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