CW: Mention of knives, Bondage, Orgasm Control, Sadism, Group Sex, Choking, Electroplay, Monsterfucking

Inspired by a fantasy shared with an adorable monsterfucker. I’m very proud of this creative, extremely queer, and utterly filthy erotica.

Barefoot and dressed only in a thin white onesie, Charlie shivered slightly as they walked down into the basement. But as they saw the scene laid out before them, the cold was the last thing they were worried about. A heavy stone altar, ringed with candles at the five points of the pentagram, and heavy steel shackles at the corners. Their mistress awaited them, a blood red corset with black lace peeked out from below her silky black robe. Her face was painted into a monstrous mask, demonic eyes stared out from all over her face, her mouth a grotesque snarl.

Charlie’s mouth slipped open as she sauntered over to them, a hooked knife held casually in her hand. “Are you ready for me pet?” her sultry voice, combined with her appearance, rendered them all but speechless.

“Yes Mistress”, they whispered, trembling with more than just cold now.

“Do you freely offer yourself? Body, heart, and soul?” Her voice held strange cadences, resonating through the room.

“Yes Mistress”

“Do you pledge to serve me gladly, in pursuit of our profane purpose?”

“I pledge myself Mistress” They felt a rush of power as the pact was sealed and their Mistress’s eyes, two real and  five painted, burned red for a moment.

“Follow me Sacrifice.” Charlie bit back a moan at the images that word conjured, and followed her over to the altar. The clink as she set down her knife echoed through the shadowy space. They lay down on the cold stone and whimpered as the heavy shackles closed on their wrists and ankles, spreading them out across the dark red pentagram. With a soft growl Mistress picked up the knife and hooked it under the loose cotton covering their body, cutting down the front from neck to cunt with a single smooth motion. Charlie squirmed helplessly as she set the knife down and pulled the cut wider, exposing their entire torso and thighs. Another minute or so and the rest of the outfit was reduced to shreds and  Charlie was entirely exposed. Their nipples erect and their cunt already glistening with arousal.

Mistress reached over and, almost absentmindedly, pinched their nipples with cruel strength. She grinned as they moaned, their back arching up, chains clinking as they strained against the restraints. Her left hand slipped down and pushed inside their cunt, while her other hand picked up the first candle. She fucked them the whole time as she dripped wax on them from each candle in turn, chanting in demonic tongue as they yelped and begged for the orgasm she skilfully denied them. Her hand continued to tease their eager cunt as she set the last candle down, and dipped the fingers of her right hand into a bowl. They came out slick and red, and she reached down to mark Charlie’s pale flesh with strange sigils, softly chanting the whole time. Her hand sped up as she traced the final sigil just above their bush. Charlie whined as they felt the magic wrap around them, knowing that orgasms would remain out of their reach until the ritual was completed.

Satisfied with her preparations, Mistress pulled out of their tight cunt and shoved her wet fingers into their mouth. Charlie moaned and sucked eagerly at her hand, reveling in the taste of themself. They moaned in desperate hunger as she replaced her fingers with the ghastly mask painted over her features, kissing them deeply with savage hunger, all tongue and drool and filthy intent. She pulled away, leaving smeared face paint on Charlie’s face, and shrugged off her robe. Her cock was thick and achingly hard, already slick with precum.

Charlie squirmed at the sight of it and wriggled their hips. “Pleeeeeease Mistress …”

Her response dripped with cruel dominance. “I’m not here for your pleasure. You are my Sacrifice to  defile as I see fit”

They whined at the retort “I’m sorry Mistress. I just want to be filled so badly”

“Filthy, deviant Sacrifice” Mistress positioned herself between their legs, and with the last word thrust deep inside them. They gasped at the sudden intrusion, trying to adjust to her girth. Merciless, she set a punishing rhythm, demonic chants setting the pace as she fucked into her Sacrifice’s cunt. Their moans mingled with the inhuman syllables, winding into the dark magic as Mistress’ thrusts became more and more frantic. Finally she threw her head back and let out an unearthly howl. All seven eyes burned red, and the five candles exploded into pillars of flame as she came inside her Sacrifice.

Charlie bucked in helpless need, so desperate for the orgasm magically kept just out of reach. They felt the cum inside them as Mistress pulled out, whining at the sudden emptiness. Then they saw the Others, coalescing in the shadows. One of them wore Mistress’s body, naked and unmarked by the paint that coated the real one. The only differences were a cunt in place of a cock, and a slender pointed tail curling up her back. The mirrored couple embraced in an obscene display of vanity and desire, hands and mouths greedily claiming one another

The rest looked far less human. A scaled muscular demon with razor teeth, and sharp claws, crowned with curled horns. Charlie’s eyes drifted down, blushing at the monstrous cock already standing at attention. Another was simply a mass of slick, writhing tentacles, ranging from a quarter of an inch to four across. The last was eight feet tall and as white as fresh snow. With long spindly limbs and fingers. Their face consisted solely of one giant eye, and a charcoal black mouth.

Mistress pulled away from her demonic doppelganger and grinned at Charlie’s expression. “Would you like to provide some entertainment for the rest of our guests Sacrifice?” Her voice taunted Charlie with their own depraved desire.

Beyond any kind of restraint, they responded in a desperate whine. “Pleeeease Mistress! Please let me service our guests. I want them to use my holes and fill me with monster cum!” With a smirk she drew a complex pattern in the air and the shackles sprung open.

Tentacles shot out and dragged them off the altar, lifting them up and bending them to expose their holes and spread them open as much as possible. The supple limbs oozed a thick slime which made Charlie’s skin tingle and heightened their arousal, they gasped as a thin tentacle began to rub the oil into their ass. It stimulated and loosened them till they were desperate for more. As the tentacle monster did this the horned demon strode across the room and used their clawed grip to pull Charlie’s thighs open. A savage snarl sprayed spit over a face twisted between fear and desire. Slowly, the impossibly large scaled cock began to press against their cunt. Tentacles massaged the ethereal lube into it, as inch after inch of monstrous cock stretched Charlie out. They threw their head back and let out a wordless cry at the intense sensation, until it was stifled by the pale demon.

A long, black, serpentine tongue pushed deep into their mouth. It slipped down their throat and filled their mouth with inhuman saliva. Feeling utterly violated, Charlie’s watering eyes met the unblinking stare of his single giant eye. Long thin fingers began to tease across their chest, gently tracing their body. Charlie gagged around the pale demon’s tongue as a jolt of electricity suddenly jumped from his finger to their skin. Shock after shock sent their body into spasm, their orifices clenching around abyssal appendages.

While they’d been distracted both the tentacle and the cock had steadily pushed deeper and deeper inside them, till the impossibly thick cock was fully buried inside. As the pale demon withdrew his tongue Charlie wriggled their hips and moaned at how unimaginably full they felt. Slowly the appendages began to fuck back and forth, the tentacle in undulating curling waves, the cock in insistent thrusts. As the monsters built up a rhythm Charlie’s head rolled to one side, and they saw what was keeping Mistress so occupied.

Her doppelganger was on her back, with Mistress’s cock buried inside the cunt. The tail was wrapped tightly around the base of her cock, and the doppelgangers hands were wrapped round her throat. Mistress’s face was distorted by thick facepaint, and twisted in desperate overstimulation. Tears smeared the mask as she fucked with a mindless need. The doppelgangers face was twisted by manic hunger, savage and inhuman as it exerted it’s power through demonic rites.

Charlie’s attention was torn away from the spectacle as the pale demon’s fingers stopped torturing their chest to position their head on his long pale cock. Soot coloured precum smeared on their lips as he began fucking his cock into their mouth. The three creatures settled into a rhythm and for a while Charlie was lost in sensation, their body singing with overstimulation yet unable to cum. A perfect slutty Sacrifice, a collection of holes servicing three demons in perfect synchrony. Then the demon in their cunt began to speed up, pounding them harder and faster as they screamed in wordless ecstasy. Without the infernal lube they never could have accommodated such violent treatment, but with it their body adapted as the pain was sublimated into ever greater heights of pleasure. With a final howl the horned demon tensed and came inside them. Their cunt burned with demonic heat as impossible volumes of cum filled them. It spattered out onto the floor as they pulled out, to be replaced almost straight away with another tentacle. The three creatures exchanged unintelligible syllables, slipping in and out of human hearing, after a few moments they seemed to reach some consensus.

Charlie felt tentacles turn them in the air, flipping them over and positioning their ass ready to be fucked. The horned demon positioned themself at Charlie’s mouth, the thick head of their cock pressing against their tongue. Charlie couldn’t quite believe that had been inside them, they couldn’t even get the bulbous scaled head inside their mouth. The tentacle filling their cunt began to undulate, massaging every inch of their hole at the same time. The pale demon replaced the tentacle filling their ass with his own cock, to Charlie’s surprise it seemed normal, pleasantly filling without being too much. Charlie whimpered as the horned demon’s wickedly sharp claws raked down their back. They writhed as their body sang with exquisite pain, then returned to worshipping their cock with renewed fervour.

Spurred on, the pale demon began to thrust into their ass. As he bottomed out in the pliant fuckhole, a spark jumped from the tip of the unholy cock, earthing in mortal flesh. As Charlie gasped at the sensation, long fingers took up position on their clit. They whined as the boney digits skillfully massaged the sensitive flesh, torn between the futile hope of an orgasm and fear of the threatened shock. Another exchange of guttural syllables, then Charlie realised that the monsters were sharing a laugh at their depraved predicament. The thick tentacle in their cunt began to swell and pulse, Charlie felt it push half a dozen eggs inside them. They squirmed at this latest violation, each egg was an inch across and throbbing with power.

The horned demon grunted and growled, Charlie’s eyes focussed with some difficult, and saw their Mistress. Dishevelled, her makeup smeared and running around the human eyes, she was using her hands to massage the horned demon’s cock. The pale demon in their ass began to send shocks though Charlie’s clit as his thrusts sped up. They spasmed helplessly, caught between throbbing pain and overwhelming, unreleased pleasure. The whimpering and tears seemed to be what it took to push the horned beast over the edge. Thick, hot demon cum exploded out of their cock, filling their mouth and painting their face and chest with black streaks. A moment later the pale man came inside them, an extra large shock jumping from his cock, through their hips, and earthing on his spindly fingers holding their clit.

Slowly the demons withdrew, leaving Charlie empty for the first time in what felt like days. Well, empty other than the buzzing eggs in their cunt and obscene volumes of demon cum leaking out of every orifice. Mistress leaned down and kissed their slime filled mouth, she pulled away, grinning as Charlie pouted adorably as the kiss was cut short.

“Have you been a good Sacrifice for me?”

“Yes Mistress, I’ve been very good and serviced all your guests!” They blushed as the demons exchanged another round of guttural laughter.

“And did you enjoy being my Sacrifice” her voice teased them as she began to massage their sopping cunt.

“Hngggghhhh yes Mistress! I loved them using all my holes.” They groaned as her hand slipped into their cunt, gently pushing against the thrumming eggs inside.

“Look at you, such a filthy little Sacrifice. Your cunt is so slippery and stretched out I bet I could fit my whole fist inside you.” With that she began to push her hand into the wet, yielding hole, groaning as it took it with ease after an evening of stretching.

Charlie moaned and bucked their hips, needing to be used once more. Mistress began to vigorously fist fuck her Sacrifice, obscene squelching noises echoing through the room as lube and cum leaked down her forearm. “Would you like to cum on my fist pet?” She asked with a sadistic lilt.

“Oh fuck fuck fuuuuuugghhhhhck PLEASE MISTRESS” Charlie howled as her fist ground against their G-spot. Her tongue danced over the sigil above their bush, and the ritual was completed. Their cunt spasmed wildly around her fist, and Charlie let out a single ear shattering scream before the weight of over a dozen withheld orgasms knocked them unconscious.

They awoke wrapped in a blanket, held tight in their Mistress’s arms, her face wiped clean of makeup and nose buried in their hair. Charlie stirred against her, nuzzling the strong arms enveloping them. They tried to speak, but found a bottle of water pressed against their lips instead. Obediently, they gulped down the water, their body eagerly accepting the much needed hydration. “How long was I out?”

“10 minutes or so. How’re you feeling?”

Charlie took a moment to consider the question and check in with their body before answering in a soft voice. “Sore … Very well used … Fuck that was so hot”

Mistress squeezed them tighter and kissed the top of their head “I’m so proud of you, you were such a good little Sacrifice for me”

Charlie bit their lip “So … will you want to use me again? Or is it like a virgin sacrifice style thing where you can only be used once?”

They blushed as she responded with a throaty laugh “Oh Charlie, they definitely want you again. They already had ideas for more thing to try out on you …”

Flustered, they nuzzled into her chest as her laughter filled the room. Soft, secure, and cosy Charlie curled into her body and the blanket nest she’d built around them. And so the two of them drifted off into gentle slumber, held together by magic, by experience, and most of all by love.

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