Goldicock and The Three Bears

CW: Degradation, Spitting, Group Sex, Exhibitionism, Rimming, Sadism

Some cute queer erotica based on ridiculous wordplay, because I have no shame and make questionable decisions xD

Once there was a beautiful young woman, tall and muscular with cherubic features. Crowned with long locks of luscious golden hair, and for a sceptre she had the prettiest cock you ever saw. Perfectly proportioned and elegant in movement, both Goldicock and her dick were a marvel to behold.

One day, while cruising a local sex club, she stumbled across a family of bears. After some perfunctory chatting, the four of them wandered off to find a private room.

When they found one, Daddy Bear spoke first. He was a broad shouldered bald man in tightly fitted leather trousers, silver flecks texturing his beard. “So then, you pretty little thing. What would you like to do with us?”

Goldicock bit her bottom lip and cocked her head to the side. “Hmmm, well that depends. What’re you into?”

Daddy Bear grinned, and answered in a rumbling voice. “I’m a power top, what I’d dearly love to do is bend you over and fill you up. Fuck you till you’re a moaning mess screaming my name, as my partners watch.”

Goldicock took a moment to compose herself before answering, her short skirt slightly rising up at the front. “That sounds really fucking hot. But first I’d like to see the cock you want to fill me up with, perhaps I could help you get nice and hard?” She glanced over to the other two and saw them nodding enthusiastic consent.

Grinning, Daddy Bear pulled down his trousers while Goldicock sank to her knees before him. She giggled as his cock sprang free, almost hitting her in the eyes, then leaned in to press her lips against it. She softly kissed his shaft, her tongue flicking out to taste him, nostrils flaring as she inhaled his musky scent. But as she reached the tip, ready to swallow his length, she realised just how large he was. It was quite simply the thickest cock she’d ever seen, and try as she might she couldn’t fit him between her pretty pink lips. She pulled back and looked up at him. “I’m sorry Daddy Bear, but your cock is tooooo thick! I only have a tight little hole.”

She stood and accepted the warm hug and tender kiss he offered her. He pulled away, then kissed her on the lips once more. “That’s ok Goldicock, I’d still love to watch you if that’s ok?”

She smiled and let out a soft giggle. “Of course! I look forward to watching you use that monster.” She winked at him before turning to Mama Bear. “What about you Mama Bear, what are you into?”

She stepped forward, a powerful butch with a shaved undercut and a strong jaw. Her thumbs hooked into the loops of her jeans, while an open leather vest barely covered her chest. Her eyes smouldered with savage hunger as she spoke. “I’m feeling very sadistic. I want to hurt you, watch you whimper and beg and squirm as I spank you, and pinch you, and deny you.”

“I’m sorry Mama Bear, but that’s toooo sadistic! No judgement of course but it’s really not my kink”

Mama Bear smiled, and shrugged. “There’s nothing to apologise for Goldicock, it’s good to know yourself.” And the two of them shared a friendly hug.

Finally, Goldicock turned to the final member of the throuple. Small and shy, with fine hair clinging to their cheeks and chin, clad only in a collar and a leather jockstrap. “And what about you Enby Bear? What would you like to do with me?”

They blushed as they spoke, but managed to keep their voice steady. “I like feeling used. I want to be fucked really hard, and teased, and told I’m a good slut.”

Goldicock felt her cock stiffen at their words, drinking in the adorable otter before her. “And how would you feel about me eating your ass?” 

Blushing furiously, Enby Bear pursed their lips together and nodded energetically. Goldicock giggled, “Oh I think that you Enby Bear, are going to be juuuust right.”

She turned to the other two. “Are you sure you’re ok with this?”

Daddy Bear grinned, “Oh yes, we’re very happy to watch you use our precious little cumdump here.” He chuckled as Enby Bear softly whimpered at that description.

“Are you ok if me and Daddy Bear have our own scene while we watch you? I want to torture that magnificent cock,” asked Mama Bear.

“Ooh yes, I look forward to seeing that.” With that Goldicock unhooked her bra, small tits bouncing free, framed by her luscious golden locks. She turned back to Enby Bear and gripped their hair, pulling them into an obscene kiss, all tongues and drool. They pouted as she pulled away, then gasped in arousal as she spat in their face. She giggled then gently pushed them into the bed, positioning them on their knees with their ass arched up into the air, exposed and open for her.

Goldicock leaned in and inhaled the musk of their ass. Her tongue slipped out and licked along their hairy crack, giggling as Enby Bear gasped and moaned, their ass twitching under her attention. A few more teasing passes and they were pushing back against her tongue in a wordless beg, their erection straining against the leather jockstrap. She leaned in and pushed more insistently against the puckered hole. Her flickering swirling tongue pushing in, massaging the rim, then pushing in again. Wet noises and filthy moans filled the room as Enby Bear’s ass yielded to her expert tongue.

After a few minutes Goldicock pulled away, Enby Bear groaning at the sudden loss of sensation. She rolled them over onto their back, positioning them at the edge of the bed. Her impatient hands tore off her skirt and grabbed a bottle of lube, slicking up her cock. She pushed Enby Bear’s knees up towards their chest to open them up, smeared some more lube into their ass, then pushed into them. 

Their eyes closed and mouth opened in a blissed-out ‘O’ as she fed inch after inch into their tight, fuckable hole. Then a mischevious idea slipped into Goldicock’s head. Grinning, she leaned forward and spat into their open mouth. Startled, Enby Bear opened their eyes and pouted up at her.

“Open up little cub, I want a target to aim at. And keep looking at me.” Her honeyed tones covering up sadistic glee. She watched as their face twisted in humiliated arousal, obeying the degrading order even as she continued to push into them. She spat again, watching them flinch as it splattered on their cheek. 

“Eyes and mouth open Enby Bear, I want to try again.” Whimpering, they obeyed, and this time Goldicock got it directly in her mouth. “What do you say?”

Cheeks burning, they whispered up at her, “Thank you for using me Goldicock”. Grinning, she started to fuck them, watch their expression as she slowly thrust in and out. She moaned at the delicious little gasp they made as she brushed against their prostate. She adjusted her angle slightly, and let out a depraved groan as their cock twitched in response.

A loud groan filled the room, and Goldicock looked up to see what Mama Bear and Daddy Bear were doing. Mama Bear was smothering Daddy Bear with her cunt, as Goldicock watched Mama Bear edged his cock with practiced strokes, then let go. She reached over and smacked his balls, eliciting another rumbling groan. Then she met Goldicock’s eye and they exchanged a look filled with sadistic compervsion. 

Goldicock looked down at Enby Bear, “Are you ready for me to properly use you now cub?”

They looked up and answered, their voice thick with lust. “Please use me Goldicock …” Her hands hooked their legs over her shoulders, then slipped down to grip their hips. Then she started to fuck them deep and hard. Their cock bounced and twitched in time with her brutal thrusts, while Enby Bear moaned in incoherent desire. She fucked them with merciless hunger, using them as a perfect little fucktoy to satisfy her own exquisite cock. Sweat dampened hair flew over her face as she threw her head back and let out a guttural moan as she came deep inside them. 

Once she’d regained some control she reached down and gripped Enby Bear’s cock, slick with precum. As she began to stroke it she murmured to them in breathless tones, “Cum for me Enby Bear”. They were so close already, that it took barely a minute before they were spasming around her softening cock, cum soaking her hand and streaking their belly and chest. 

As she pulled out she saw the other two waiting at a respectful distance, and gestured for them to come closer. As Daddy Bear knelt between Enby Bear’s legs and licked at their cum filled ass, Mama Bear approached Goldicock and pulled her into a passionate kiss. When at last they pulled apart she spoke to Goldicock. “What a sadistic little thing you are, we really must join forces sometime.”

As they kissed once more to a chorus of moans from Daddy Bear and Enby Bear, Goldicock smiled to herself. Yes, they really must. 

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