Sadists Twister: The Party Game For Pain Sluts

Hello my darling perverts! Once again I had an idea, got fixated on it, did all the work creating it … and then completely forget to post it for several months*. Anyway, I’m done fucking around, now it’s your turn! Allow me to introduce you all to Sadists Twister!

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Like all good party games the rules are fairly simple. At it’s heart this is essentially just a group kink scene with one lucky masochist being tormented by their friends (side note for any friends/partners reading this – could be a great birthday party.) I feel like most of the things you need can be easily found at the kind of parties this is designed for, if you don’t have any dice on you then you can use an online dice roller*** Most importantly this needs to be treated as a kink scene, make sure you clearly communicate boundaries and needs as a group before diving in.

I made this as a bit of fun in the hope that other people can find some enjoyment in it, and I offer it freely for all non-commercial use. If you have some fun with it please let me know, it would mean a lot to me ❤ If you want to you can also show your appreciation by throwing some money at my glistening, gyrating, slutty little mind😘

Feel free to download this and print it out to take to your next play party!

* Hey, at least this time I didn’t completely forget that I already made it and start recreating it** before finding the completed draft on my hard drive

** Yes, yes I have done this before

*** Lets be real though, given the crossover of kinksters and D&D nerds someone probably has a D10 on them.

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