Audio Content

I love to tell stories. There’s a special magic to performing for an audience, weaving a narrative using nothing but your voice. Stories connect us and shape how we see the world. I’m proud to take part in this ancient and beautiful practice. At the moment I can’t perform at live events, so instead I’ve put together some audio content to fill that gap.

The content mostly draws from my existing written content, bringing a mix of clean and filthy, poetry and prose. Content warnings are provided with every post to enable listeners to make an informed decision. I’ve included free samples of shorter work below. If you enjoy the samples there’s longer content available in the store, or you can support me by tipping directly.

Ode To The Cute Guy Who Served Me In A Coffee Shop Literally One Fucking Time, Seriously Why Am I Like This?!!

A poem based on a very real and painful experience a couple of years ago – silly and just the right amount of smutty.

CW: Sex and BDSM

Yes, I Am A Monster Fucker

This poem was tied in with the launch of my MonsterFucker project. It explores the erotic appeal of the monstrous and parallels with queer identities.

CW: Tentacles, Sex

Biting, A Love Letter

A short piece of erotica exploring my love of being bitten, very hard.

CW: Sadomasochism, Primal Kink

Beautiful In Rope

A poem criticising the restrictive body standards which infest much of the rope bondage scene, and reflecting on my difficult relationship with something I love.

CW: Rope Bondage, Masochism, Fatphobia

Will You Be Mine?

A love poem with dirty bits, dedicated to my wonderful boyfriend Quinn.

CW: Degradation, Sex, Romance

Beautiful Contradictions

A poem that left me feeling quite vulnerable. Exploring my changing relationship with my body as a fat trans person.

CW: Fatphobia, Transphobia


A piece of erotica exploring some of my experiences with kitten play.

CW: Sex, Kitten Play

Primal Rope

A piece exploring the times I want to combine my love of rope with my primal side.

CW: Rope Bondage, BDSM, Primal Play


A very angry piece of poetry about being openly queer and taking up space in a society which doesn’t want you.

CW: Queerphobia, Violence

Queering Attraction

A poem exploring alternative beauty standards, and loving the bits of one another we’re taught to be ashamed of.

CW: Discussion of Bodies