Desert Island Dildos

Desert Island Dildos is an inclusive new podcast about sex and sexuality. There’s fascinating chats on diverse topics with guests from a range of lived experiences. Also I ask people to pick their favourite sex toy and revel in the ensuing chaos. I also have the transcripts of every episode available here.

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108: Charlie Knight – Monsterfucking Desert Island Dildos

CW: Monsterfucking, Reference to Transphobia Quenby is joined by Charlie to discuss monsterfucking in our horniest episode yet. Charlie uses their online presence to boost marginalized voices and writers, educate authors on topics ranging from commas to inclusivity, and connect with new people. But mostly they geek out about video games, space, and their fanfic. Join us as we discuss our shared love of monsterfucking, what's so damn sexy about it, and why it appeals to queer people. Also expect shameless flirting, discussion of which monsters we want to bone, and as always what sex toy they're getting stuck on a Desert Island with. Follow the podcast on Twitter @DIDildos and you can find transcripts of every episode here!
  1. 108: Charlie Knight – Monsterfucking
  2. 107: Kitty – Factions in Alt-Sex Communities
  3. 106: GOTN – Audio Porn
  4. 105: Amy Norton – Abuse in Kink and Polyamory
  5. 104: Andreena – Queer Poetry and Events

Episode Transcripts

Episode 1: Eliott Simpson – Asexual Dating

Episode 2: Anne Stagg – Queer History & The AIDS Crisis

Episode 3: Charlie – Disability, Sex Work, & Toxic Masculinity

Episode 4: Andreena – Queer Poetry & Events

Episode 5: Amy Norton – Abuse in Kink and Polyamory

Episode 6: GOTN – Audio Porn

Episode 7: Kitty – Factions in Alt-Sex Communities

Episode 8: Charlie Knight – Monsterfucking