Live performance was my first love as an artist, and it still holds a special place in my heart. Standing on a stage, feeling the energy flowing between me and an audience, using my voice and body to weave a story and elicit emotion. That’s a special kind of magic. During lockdown I’ve had to adapt how I work, but performance is still a central part of my work. Because I’m easily distracted creative I explore a lot of different forms of performance.


Comedy is where I started as a performer, with my first gig being an International Women’s Day fundraiser back in 2018. My standup aims to be inclusive, if I couldn’t be funny without punching down at marginalised people then I’d have no place in the comedy industry. I talk about my experiences as a fat, queer, poly slut to audiences around the country.

“Quenby’s act is a delightful mix of gleeful punnery and queer focused anecdotes told with inimitable style’’ – Blizzard Comedy


Since May 2019 I’ve performed drag as theminine icon Prinx Alix. For me drag is a way to explore my chaotic relationship with gender as a non-binary pansexual. The resulting performances are sometimes funny, sometimes filthy, and always wonderfully weird.

“I thought you were a hallucination” – Stoned guy in smoking area

Spoken Word

Poetry is beautifully rhythmic, and I believe it’s best appreciated when read aloud by the person who wrote it. My poetry reflects on my life experiences, it tends to be a blend of sad, funny, angry, and horny.


MCing is a distinct skillset, combining elements of standup, improv, and storytelling. It also requires an ability to listen to and control the flow of energy though the room, working the crowd and managing the tone of the evening to give acts the best possible reception. I’ve done this at every Cocktails and Fuck Tales over the last year and a half, as well as guest hosting other shows.

Sketch Comedy

I’ve written sketches for almost as long as I’ve performed standup. During lockdown I’ve used my drag character to produce a series of sketches as a way of processing coronavirus through comedy. When it’s possible to meet up again I hope to be more active in sketch comedy, specifically with other trans comedians and performers.


I’ve been interested in burlesque for a while, as an extension of my very NSFW drag performances and my sex positive (and sex work inclusive) ethos. The sample video is a combination of drag and burlesque, but this is another area I want to explore in more depth.

“Upsettlingly hawtttt” – Anon