Introducing Audio Content

I love to tell stories. There’s a special magic to performing for an audience, weaving a narrative using nothing but your voice. Stories connect us and shape how we see the world. I’m proud to take part in this ancient and beautiful practice. At the moment I can’t perform at live events, so I’ve been putting together some audio content instead.

Mostly drawing from my back catalogue of writing, it’ll be a mix of poetry, erotica, and whatever else I decide to record. I’ve put together a library of shorter pieces, available for free from Friday. Longer pieces will be available in the shop for a few pounds each. If you want to support my work you can also tip me directly.

I’ve included the recording of one of my favourite poems below to whet your appetites 🙂

Ode To The Cute Guy Who Served Me In A Coffee Shop Literally One Fucking Time, Seriously Why Am I Like This?!!

A poem based on a very real and painful experience a couple of years ago – silly and just the right amount of smutty.

CW: Sex and BDSM

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