Lockdown Yearning

CW: Loneliness, Isolation

I wrote a poem reflecting on how much I’m missing queer community, partly inspired by It’s A Sin.

I yearn for community
My queer heart aches
With a visceral need
For a place to simply be

I miss walking into a room
Filled with lovers, and exes, and friends
That sense of belonging
Surrounded by comrades

I’m sick of video boxes
Of crackling mics
And connection issues
Of queerness curated by Zoom

I miss feeling the heat of bodies
Pressed close together
Surrendering to music
As we share breath, and space, and touch

I want fluid chatter and shameless joy
Congregations wreathed in smoke
Sharing jokes and silly gossip
Or unpicking tangled trauma

I miss kisses and crying and singing
With old friends and precious eggs
Cheap drinks and filthy dancing
Loving and laughing and living

I miss my trans family
Immersed in queer chaos
Sharing pain and joy and frantic need
So wonderfully, shamelessly alive

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