Trans Joy – Belly

CW: Mentions of Transphobia and Fatphobia

I honestly wasn’t sure about writing this one. The joy I get from seeing myself like this, relaxing with my big queer belly proudly on display, is related to my fatness as much as my queerness.

But for me these things are inextricably linked. The shame and discomfort I’ve experienced around my body for most of my life comes from the intersection of fatness and transness. So perhaps the joy from unlearning it is intersectional too.

I love that I can find this part of me beautiful. That I have the confidence to flaunt my fat, queer body and not give a fuck what anyone else thinks. Loving yourself in a world which hates you is a radical act, and that’s what this picture makes me think of.

Photo of Quenby leaning against a wall and enjoying the sun, wearing a crop top which reads “I <3 My Big Queer Belly”

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